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    Zintro’s pricing depends on the following factors:
1. General Pricing Factors
  • The type of Inquiry - Phone Consult, Consulting Project, Contractor Assignment, Full-Time Job, Expert Witness Engagements, Board Seat, Speaking Engagement, or Other
  • Whether the expert is already on the Zintro platform or needs to be custom recruited.
  • The expert’s rate (or salary) requirements.
2. Service Level & Plan Pricing Factors
  • How frequent a need is this for you and your company? A one-time need? An occasional need? A regular need?
  • Do you prefer all-you-can-eat style plans or pay-per-use plans?
  • Do you prefer to curate experts/candidates and set up calls yourself (Self-Service) or have Zintro handle for you (Full-Service)?
  • Do you want Zintro to apply enhanced compliance validation or is basic compliance validation adequate?
  • Discounts are available for Startups, Search Funds, Not-for-Profits, NGOs, Journalists and for other special situations so please let us know if you think you may qualify.
Please fill out the form below (or call toll free +1-877-236-7016) and we will promptly set up a time to walk you through pricing options that match your needs.