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Creativity & Innovation expert helps organizations maximize their creativity, innovative and growth potential.


Contributing author to Harvard Business Review and founder of organizational consultants, Creative Paths, André Walton has been advising small businesses for over 20 years on growth strategies through new product and new market development, private and public capitalization, strategic planning, HR and management practices. More recently with a PhD in Organizational Psychology, Andre has lead the firm into the area of change management and management for optimization of creativity and innovation. Coaching and training practices include unique and proven techniques for idea generation, creative problem solving, and communication processes critical to success in this area.

Based both in Nevada and Portugal, Creative Paths services clients in Europe and the US. The concept of Spherical Thinking is unique to Creative Paths, as is the Group versus Self Model of Creativity (see YouTube Andre Walton has also been an active researcher in the field of social psychology and law and is a consultant for the National Judicial College. Creative Paths also works extensively in the area of psychometrics, survey research and statistical analysis, as well as personality assessment and fit.

As well as his academic achievements, André Walton spent twenty years as an active entrepreneur building an international corporate group based in Europe and the U.S. André won three prestigious awards for his achievements in the areas of innovation, small business development and export marketing and is now the Visiting Professor of Creativity and Entrepreneurship at the University of Wales Newport Business School. He also teaches Creative Management, Research Methods, and Organizational Communications as part of the Master's Degree in Justice Management at the University of Nevada, Reno.

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