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Aquaculture Development Agent

Virginia State University

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  • Location: United States
  • TimeZone: GMT-0400
  • Languages: English, Indonesian


Aquaculturist with 31 years of experience in fish, shrimp and aquatic plant farming. Advised private-sector farms, multi-lateral donor- funded aquaculture projects, government and non-government agencies in the former Soviet Union, Africa, South Asia,the Eastern Caribbean and the US. Planned aquaculture production in Mississippi and Indonesia as well as managed experimental farm in Virginia.

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Virginia State University. Work as extension agent to train farmers and landowners in fish farming and pond management.

Nathan Associates, Arlington, VA. Consultant. Advised USAID on developing aquaculture in Eastern Sri Lanka and wrote report on the economics of aquaculture in Eastern Sri Lanka.

Prepared sampling plan and advised algae producer on best ways to maximize biomass production. PetroAlgae, Melbourne, Florida. August-September 2009. Advised USAID on developing aquaculture in Eastern Sri Lanka. Nathan Associates, Arlington, VA. July-August 2009. Assisted fish feed producer in improving and increasing production of fish feed. Tbilisi, Georgia, October 2008, and Dilijan, Armenia, October 2006. Visited and recommended improvements for a large fish farm in Bugayivka, Ukraine, Poltavarybgosp Joint Stock Company, July 2006. Trained fish farmers in fish culture techniques and did site surveys for fish production, Goranboy, Azerbaijan, 2006. Assisted farmers in producing shrimp and tilapia in salt water. Choluteca, Honduras. Winrock International, May 2005. Trained salt producers to design produce shrimp in their salt ponds, Tanga, Tanzania. March 2004. Trained fish farmers in fish culture techniques. Did site surveys for fish production, Soroca and Zaicani, Moldova, CNFA, July 2004. Trained fish farmers in fish culture techniques. Did site surveys for fish production in Guria Province, Republic of Georgia. ACDIVOCA, August 2004. Taught fish farming course to extension workers, Bangladesh, and to fish farmers in Nepal, Winrock International, July 2003.


Ph.D. Evolutionary and Environmental Biology, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Louisiana, December 2000. M.S. Fisheries and Allied Aquacultures, Auburn University, January 1978. B.S. Biology, State University of New York, Geneseo, N.Y., June 1975.

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