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Research Expertise

• Nucleic Acid: purification, electrophoresis, labeling, hybridization (Southern and Northern hybridization), PCR, Nucleic acid sequencing and Sequence analysis, RT-PCR,TAIL-PCR, in vitro transcription, RACE

• Recombinant DNA technology: gene cloning, Differential screening, cDNA cloning, cDNA and Genomic library construction, etc.

• Plant tissue culture and plant transformation by Agrobacterium tumefaciens and molecular analyses of transgenic plants.

• More than 15 years research experience in rice genetics, and Molecular physiology especially in environmental stress related research

Teaching experience

• More than 10 years of teaching experience for undergraduate and graduate degree programme

List of publications

International Journals

Any latest publications

Takashi Akiyama, M. Arumugam Pillai ,Naoki Sentoku (2004) Cloning, characterization and expression of OsGLN2, a rice endo-1,3-β-glucanase gene regulated developmentally in flowers and hormonally in germinating seeds. Planta 220:129-139

M.Arumugam Pillai, Takashi Akiyama (2004) Differential expression of S-Adenosyl L methionine decarboxylase a polyamine biosynthesis gene under low temperature stress and its characterization in japonica and indica rice genotype. Molecular Genetics and Genomics 271:141-149

Arumugam Pillai M, Seiji Yangihara (2003) Isolation of salt tolerant genes in rice. Advances in Rice Genetics Ed. Ghush, Brar,

Takashi Akiyama, M.Arumugam Pillai (2003) Isolation and characterization of a repetitive proline rich protein, down regulated under submergence and salt stress in rice (Oryza sativa L) Physiologia Plantarum 118 (4), 507-513.

Arumugam Pillai M, Li Huang, Takashi Akiyama (2002)Molecular cloning, characterizati on, expression and chromosomal location of OsGAPDH, a submergence responsive gene in rice (Oryza sativa L) Theoritical and Applied Genetics 105:34-42

Arumugam Pillai M, Seiji Yangihara, Takashi Akiyama (2001) Molecular Cloning and characterization of salt responsive gene in rice- J Plant Physiology 158.1189-1194 Selected as one of the interesting article published during 2001 in this Journal

Takashi Akiyama, M.Arumugam Pillai (2001) Molecular cloning, characterization and invitro expression of a novel endo-1, 3- glucanase up-regulated by ABA and drought stress in rice (Oryza sativa L.) Plant Science 161 –1089-1098

National Journals

Arumugam Pillai M and Amirthadevarathinam A (1997) Inheritance of yields and its components of CMS based hybrids in cotton Gossypium sp. Indian J Agric Res 31: 156-160

Arumugam Pillai M and Amirthadevarathinam A (1998) combining ability for economic traits using CMS system incotton. Agril. Sci Digest 18: 54-58

JeyaprakashP, Ganapathy S and Arumugam Pillai M (1997) Correlation and path analysis in Sorghum Ann.agric. Res 18(3) 309-312

Shanmugasundaram P, Mohanasundaram K, Rangasamy M, Ganesan K, Manuel WW, Sundaram T, Ganapathy P, Vivekanandan P, Arumugam Pillai M and Velusamy (1997) ASD20 (AS 89044) a new short duration rice variety for Tamil Nadu, IRRN 22:28

Shanmugasundaram P, Mohanasundaram K, Rangasamy M, Ganesan K, Manuel WW, Sundaram T, Ganapathy P, Vivekanandan P, Arumugam Pillai M and Velusamy (1997) ASD20 (AS 89044) a new short duration rice variety for Tamil Nadu, Madras Agric J 84:276-277

Ganasan Manuel WW, Vivekanandan P, Arumugam Pillai M (1997) Combining abilty, heterosis and inbreeding depression for quantitative traits in rice. Oryza 34:13-18

Manuel WW, Vivekanandan P, Ganasan K, Arumugam Pillai M (1997) Performance of rice hybrids with wet and dry season seeds in Tamil Nadu Madras Agric J 84:36-37

Ramalingam J, Nadarajan N, Vanniarajan C, Rangasamy P and Arumugam Pillai M (1997) Character association and component analysis for panicle architecture in rice Agril. Sci. Digest

Ganesan, K,Manuel WW, Vivekanandan P and Arumugam Pillai M (1997) Character Association and Path analysis in Rice. Madras Agric.J 84(10): 615-617

Vanniarajan C, Rangasamy P, Ramalingam J, Nadarajan and Arumugam Pillai M (1996) Studies on genetic variability of hybrid rice derivaties Crop Res. 12: 24-27

Vanniarajan, C., P.Rangasamy, J.Ramalingam, N.Nadarajan and M.ArumugamPillai

1996. Character association and component analysis in hybrid rice derivatives,

Agric.Sci.Digest, 16(2): 105-107.

Ganasan Manuel WW, Vivekanandan P, Arumugam Pillai M (1996) Inbreeding, variability, heritability and genetic advance in F2 populations derived from early and extra early rice cultivars.Oryza 33:183-167

Arumugam Pillai M, Ramalingam J, Sridharan CS, Murugan S and Vanniarajan C (1995) Stability analysis for seed yield and its components in sunflower hybrids Ann. Agric. Res 16:409-412

Murugan S, Subramanian M, and Arumugam Pillai.M (1995) Correlation studies in M2 and M3 generations of Cowpea Legume Research 18 :235-240

Arumugam Pillai M, Rangasamy P, Nadarajan, Vanniarajan C, Ramalingam and (1995) Combining ability analysis for panicle characters in sorghum Indian J Agric Res 29 98-102

Arumugam Pillai M and Subramanian M (1994) Studies on mutated sector and number of initial cells in upland rice Oryza sativa Ann Agric Res 15:97-98

Sankarapandian, R., J.Ramalingam, M.Arumugam Pillai and C.Vanniarajan. 1994. Heterosis in relation to combining ability components. Ann. agric Res., 15(2): 210-216

Vanniarajan, C., P.Vivekanandan, J.Ramalingam and M.Arumugam Pillai. 1994.

Mutagenic effects of gamma rays and EMS in M1 generations of blackgram (Vigna mungo (L.) Hepper). J. Mendal, 11(1-2): 25-26.

Sankarapandian, R., J.Ramalingam, M.Arumugam Pillai and C.Vanniarajan. 1994. Heterosis and combining ability studies for juice yield related characters in sweet sorghum. Ann. agric Res., 15(2): 199-204

Arumugam Pillai M, Subramanian M (1994) studies on mutated sector and Number of initial cells in upland rice. Ann.Agric. Res 15:72-73

International Meeting

Invited talks

M.Arumugam Pillai, Takashi Akiyama (2001) Differential expression of SAMDC a polyamine biosynthesis gene during cold stress in rice. 6th joint conference on computational biology and genome informatics at North Carolina –USA March 8-13.

M.Arumugam Pillai, Takashi Akiyama (2001) Coordinate gene response to salt-stress in rice (Oryza sativa L.) The 2001 Annual meeting of the JSPP (Japanese Society of Plant Physiologists Kyusyu Sangyo University, Fukuoka, Japan March 23-26.

M.Arumugam Pillai, Takashi Akiyama (2001) Cloning and characterization of S-adenosylmethionine decarboxylase cDNA up-regulated by low temperature stress in rice The 65th Annual Meeting of the Botanical Society of Japan University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan, September 27-29,

Takashi Akiyama M.Arumugam Pillai (2002) A single endo-1, 3-beta-glucanase gene expressed both in the panicle at flowering stage and germinated seeds of rice The 2002 Annual Meeting of the JSPP (Japanese Society of Plant Physiologists) Okayama University, Okayama, Japan March 28-30,

Takashi Akiyama, M.Arumugam Pillai (2002) Predominant expression of manganese-superoxide dismutase gene in rice inflorescence and its response to abiotic stresses, The 66th Annual Meeting of the Botanical Society of Japan Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan September 21 to 23.

Takashi Akiyama, M.Arumugam Pillai S.Matsuba (2003) Cold induced expression of SAMDC in rice and analysis of polyamines in transgenic lines

The 2003 Annual Meeting of the JSPP (Japanese Society of Plant Physiologists)

Popular Articles and Booklets:

Ganesan, K, Vivekanandan P. Sevugaperumal S. Arumugam Pillai M. (1997)Ambai16- Then mavatngalil pishana paruvathirkatra puthia nel ragam DINAMALAR 30.07.1997

Ramalingam, J., M.Arumugam Pillai and C.Vanniarajan. 1992. Hybrid sunflower for oil yield. Indian Express. 10th October

M.Arumuam Pillai 2002 Nel pair valrchium paruvamatramum Book on farm radio school 1-9

M.Arumuam Pillai 2002 Veeria ottu nel vidai urpaathi matrum sagupadi Book on farm radio school 71-79

Vivekanandan P, Ganesan K, Arumugam Pillai M, Veluchamy M, Arumugam M. (1997) Rice Varieties suitable for Thamirabarni tracts and its cultivation aspects Swarna Priya PrintersTirunelveli


M.Arumugam Pillai, Vanniarajan C, Shanmugavalli, AnandaKumar C.R. Vivekanandan P. 2006 Crop biodiversity , ENS printers, Tirunelveli

Selvi B. Sumathi, Ashok Kumar, M.Arumugam Pillai ,Yasin, Vivekanandan P, Hybrid maize seed production technique, ENS printers, Tirunelveli.

Awards and fellowship

1. Tamil Nadu Agril. University merit fellowship holder for undergraduate and Post graduate -Research on Induced Mutagenesis in upland Rice

2. Council for Scientific and Industrial Research Fellowship- New Delhi for Ph.D programme- Studies on Genetics of Fertility Restoration in Cotton.

3. Japan International Research Center For Agricultural Sciences (JIRCAS Fellowship), Japan Under the project on Molecular cloning of salt responsive gene in rice.

4. Hokkaido NAES, Japan Science and Technology Agency fellowship under the project on Isolation of Low temperature responsive gene in rice

5. Visiting Professor in Universite de Picarde, Jules Verne, Amiens France under the project on Study of Genomic organization and gene expression in T-DNA tagged male sterile and Silque mutant in Arabidopsis

External Funding Project:

1. BRNS- BARC funded project on “Development of salt tolerance in rice using somaclonal variation and mutation breeding” from 2007 to 2010.


The abiotic stress stress responsive gene from rice viz. OSSRI (AF188610), OSSRII (AF366556), OSSRIII (AF366557), OsGAPDH (AF357884) and OsGLN1 (AF337174) were registered in NCBI GenBank

Variety release: Involved in the release of ASD 20 a short duration rice variety suitable for southern district of Tamil Nadu INDIA by recombination breeding technique


Operating system :DOS, Windows, MAC

Languages: BASIC, FORTRAN, FOXPRO and C Programming languages

Packages:Agres, Generes,Cores, IRRISTAT, DNASIS, Gene Works, SPAR(Statistical Programme for Agricultural Research), MS EXCEL, Power point, MSWORD etc.,

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