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President, Fisheries Technology Associates, Inc.

Fisheries Technology Associates, Inc.

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  • Colorado, United States
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Aquaculture and Fisheries Consultant with more than 42 years of global experience.


Bill has been a consultant since 1982 and has worked on many types of aquaculture and fish farming projects throughout the U.S.A. and other nations. He also has published more than 300 technical and popular articles on the subjects of aquaculture and fish farming, and served as an expert witness in aquaculture and fisheries-related litigation.

More than 45 years of experience; an aquaculture consultant and fisheries consultant; a researcher (6 years) and consultant (39 years) in aquaculture, fish farming, aquaponics, and wild fisheries.

Specialties: Aquaculture consultant, fisheries consultant, feasibility analysis, fish production technology and facility design, fish production facility management and assessment, fish feeds and ingredients, fish genetics, fish health management, wild fishery characterization and dynamics, commercial fishing company intelligence, aquaculture, aquaponics

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