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Christine Seelye-King is a professional Chef Instructor, teaching culinary skills to students of all ages from small children through senior citizens. She has worked with the Hope Scholarship Program through Chattahoochee Technical College, teaching the first year of culinary basics and management to advanced placement high school students, and as a Chef Instructor to the public at the Viking Cooking School. She is a certified ServSafe instructor and proctor for the National (and Georgia) Restaurant Associations.

Christine served a 3-year chef’s apprenticeship through the American Culinary Federation, becoming the first woman to graduate from the program in the SE in 1984. Since then her job titles have included Restaurant and Bar Manager, Personal Chef, Health and Education Coordinator for Sevananda Natural Foods, Mad Scientist, and Mrs. Claus. She currently works with the LEAD Homeschool Organization and Big Thinkers Science Explorations.

Areas of Food Specialty

Natural Foods – emphasis on fresh, local, seasonal and dietary appropriate foods.

Special Dietary Needs - food prep, menu and shopping list planning for various special needs diets including: gluten-free and dairy-free; allergies and sensitivities; vegetarian, vegan and raw foods; Blood Type; Coumadin and other medication-specific diets; gastric feeding tube; polycystic kidney and liver disease; Candida diet; IBS; religious observance (Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Hindu); etc.

Historical Research – specifically Ancient Roman, Viking, Medieval, Renaissance, and English cuisines. Co-Founder of the Culinary Historians of Atlanta (CHA) group.

Classical French Cuisine

Classes Taught (a sampling)

Understanding Natural Foods (Grains, Beans, Sweeteners, Oils & Fats, Sea Vegetables,

Dietary Choices, Food Combining, Vitamins & Supplementation, Allergies & Sensitivities)

Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Cooking Techniques – all areas (not a Pastry specialist, although I teach some basic Baking classes)

Ethnic Cuisines – African, American Regional, Asian (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai), Caribbean, Chilean, French, Greek, Guatemalan, Indian, Italian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Native American (New World Foods), Spanish, etc.


Introduction to Culinary Management; Culinary Purchasing and Budgeting

Event Planning (author of “The Feast Planner’s Handbook”)

Herbs - Start With The Basics: Understanding the Common Herbs; Cooking with Herbs;

Making and Using Herbal Preparations

Kid’s Classes – Tantalizing Tastes; Food Labels; Healthy Snacks; Gifts from the Kitchen; Kitchen & Fire Safety; Knife Skills; Menu Planning; Supermarket Surprise; Kitchen Chemistry

History class sessions on Roman Britain, Vikings, Medieval England, Renaissance Italy, and Explorers all include one class the kids call “Feast Class”, where foods from the time period are served along with amusements appropriate to the culture.

Quick Healthy Meals on a Budget (for Habitat for Humanity homeowners)

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