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Steel, Sales, Marketing, Consulting, Supply Chain, Negotiation, Contract Writing, Manufacturing, Logistics, Asset Recovery, Inventory Control (Lean-Just in Time), Creative Finance.

Carbon & Wear Steels, (LTV-Production & Unit Scheduling, Logistics, District Sales).

Largest Flat Roll Order sold and delivered - 12,000 tons

Largest Cold Drawn Bar Order sold and delivered - 2,600 tons

Stainless Steels, (Armco, Joslyn, LTV, Republic).

Largest Stainless Bar Order sold and delivered - 500 tons

Alloy, Tool Steels, & Specialty Metals, (Crucible).

Aluminum, (Reynolds).

Products: Ingots, Blooms, Slabs, Billets, Bar HR & Cold Finished, Structural, Plate & Flat Roll, Rod & Wire, & special shapes.

Industrial Salvaging, Asset Recovery, & Large Scale Scraping (Large Turbine-Rotor Recovery).

Plant De-Commissioning (Formed American Heavy Trading, Inc. - Purchased & Dismantled Black Fox Nuclear Project from Public Service Co. of Oklahoma).

Industrial Barter, (Clinton Nuclear, Crucible, GE & Others).

Largest single item bartered, a Locomotive. Largest customer bartered profit, reported 5 million USD (GE Nuclear).

Business Owner: Steel Production, Warehousing & Processing, Inventory & Quality Control, Finance & Reporting.

Industries serviced: Aerospace; Aggregate; Automotive, Forging; Petro-Chemical; Power Generation, (Coal & Nuclear), Political, & Others.

Consulting: (Westinghouse, TVA, Dresser Clark, Vogt, CF&I, DOD, DOE, Others).

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