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Chiropractor, Corporate Health and Wellness Provider and Health Practitioner Consultant.


Time Health Management is a corporate health and wellness company operated by Dr. David Koivuranta. It is founded on over a decade's worth of experience and knowledge derived from treating employees suffering from ergonomic stress, strain and disease. It's time to manage your corporate health. Learn why our workplace wellness solutions make sense. Working with patients who have succumbed to poor posture and repetitive strain at work inspired the creation of a company that truly believes in reducing negative work related stress...physically, chemically and emotionally.

From ergonomic evaluations to onsite strategies that reduce workplace strain and from nutrition concerns to stress reduction, our company can work with yours to solve current problems and improve future workplace environment concerns. This allows employees to not only work healthy, but actually improve their health while at work making for a happier employee, better morale and clear business benefits for the company.

People have a five-fold focus in life as such: function, food, fitness, finances and future. I help people optimize their function through a healthy body and support that function with food and fitness, but the primary focus is the nervous system, the master system in the body. Finances are a huge stress for people so I help put into perspective the fact that staying healthy and doing healthy things allows them to accomplish what they want in life, including work. This makes for a fantastic future. For those people who have an interest in health, wellness, corporate health and wellness, and working for themselves, there is a model to follow that our consultants successfully utilize on a daily basis.

Specialties: Ergonomics, Posture Correction, Active Workplace Plans, Treatment of Health Related Problems, Five Factors of Health (Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, Attitude (stress) and Nervous System Function), Bad Habits, Corporate Lifestyle Improvement, Home Business, Fitness Plans, Weight Management Programs, Family Chiropractic Care.


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September 2005 - Present

(12 years 3 months)

Corporate Health and Wellness Consultant

Time Health ManagementToronto, Ontario, Canada

Corporate health and wellness services with an emphasis on workplace wellbeing, ergonomics, health programs customized to business operations and strategy, etc.

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October 1997 - Present

(20 years 2 months)


SelfThunder Bay / Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Chiropractic health and wellness services for all ages and a breadth of health concerns.


1994 - 1997

Doctor of Chiropractic,Chiropractic

Northwestern Health Sciences University


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