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Forensic Trial Expert

Dean Tong, MSc.

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  • Florida, United States
  • English


Expertise in Cognitive Psychology, Cognitive Behavioral, Forensic Trial, Psychology, expert witness and published author.


As a Certified Forensic Consultant (CFC), and expert in child victim hearsay, I provide attorneys with a choice of services. I work as Forensic Trial Consultant in high-conflict divorces, parenting time disputes and/or child custody battles et al; assisting counsel with suggestions on motions, case law, peer-reviewed scientific journal articles, experts, testing, questions for depositions and at hearing/trial on Direct/Cross and Re-Direct/Re-Cross of lay, fact, and expert witnesses. Or, I work as an Expert Witness giving testimony in cases where I must critique "best practice" forensic interviews of children allegedly abused, source monitoring and investigations conducted by Police/CPS, work of therapists, child custody evaluators, et al. I've been retained in court cases from all 50 states and jurisdictions in Canada. I've worked and continue to work cases in family, juvenile - dependency, criminal, administrative, civil tort, restraining order, and appellate courts all across the USA.

I'm a forensic trial consultant, expert witness and published author. In recent years, I was invited to present at Joel Austin's DaddyUniversity conference in Philadelphia on Father's Day. Joel's innovative and marketing ideas has greatly assisted fathers and families in the Philadelphia and outlying areas.

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