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Experienced leader in the technology sector with over 38 years of experience.


Declan is a very experienced leader in the technology sector, with over 35 years’ experience in both the multinational sector and also successful entrepreneurial start up organisations. He is an engineer by profession with a specialist focus on Hardware and Software Test engineering. As his career progresses he developed a successful track record starting, leading and turning around technology businesses. His management experience covers all functions Marketing, Sales, Quality, Operations, Finance and M and A.

Between April 2008 & April 2011 he was CEO of Sogeti Ireland (Cap Gemini) following the successful sale of Insight Test Services to Cap Gemini in 2008. Insight was a specialist software QA & Test services provider founded by Declan and his 3 colleagues in 2003, which operated in Ireland and the UK and had a track record of profitable growth from its foundation.

Prior to this Declan was CEO of Accuris (Telco Software), Practice Director (Fujitsu consulting), Business unit director (DMR) and a range of senior management positions in Amdahl (FJ, DMR & Amdahl same org). Declan was Engineering Manager in Triotech (Semiconductor testing), and Test Engineering Manager in Computer Automation where he started his career as a hardware test engineer.

Declan’s career and business interest areas are primarily technology centric he enjoys working with business leaders who are driving new business ventures and strategic change.

Specialties: General Management


International Business start up, scaling and turn around

Digital Transformation

Growth strategies

OD & change Mgmt



Declan has over 35 years’ experience in multinational, SME , and entrepreneurial start up organisations in the tech sector, serving a broad range of public and private sector clients.
He is currently CEO of Strategic Business & IT services (SBITS) ( SBITS has clients in both the public and private sector where Declan takes on roles , projects and assignments that support starting, scaling and/or turnaround of business and performance. Also SBITS is the legal entitiy for a number of New e and m business platforms Declan has in development or soft release.
He is also executive chairman of DigiProve a specialist digital content protection and compliance company.
Declan set up SBITS In April 2011, Declan when he left his role as CEO of Capgemini (Sogeti) on successful completion of the integration of Insight Test Services and growth strategy, to return to work on some new start up’s. Insight Test Services which he co-founded in 2003 was built up as a market leader in software QA & Testing here in Ireland and the UK before it sold in 2008. Previously Declan was CEO of Accuris.
Declan spent 14 years Fujitsu services (originally Amdahl) in Engineering, Quality, Operations and Practice management positions at director level, where he set up software and IT services business units transitioning from hardware manufacturing (cost) to a IT professional consulting and services profit centre. Prior to that he held management and engineering positions in both the semi-conductor business (Trio-tech) and the mini computer business (Computer Automation). Declan studied engineering in DIT and holds an MBA from DCU, He is also a CDipAF.
Skills & Services: Business & Functional Strategy, planning and execution. Coaching & Training. Hands-on, results orientated collaborative style.

2003 – 2008
Founder & Managing Director Insight Test Services & CEO Capgemini.
Responsible for the start-up leadership and management of a successful niche software services business, specialising in software QA & Testing services. Lead and managed the business through to the exit process of a trade sale to Sogeti (Cap Gemini) through a structured competitive process following several approaches from Industry leaders. Achievements continuous growth year on year in Revenues, Staff & Profit, successful entry to UK market, successful exit through trade sale.
2002 – 2003
Independent Consultant
During this period completed several assignments maintaining a high utilisation. Most significant assignments were Management and Development of IT for the Marine Institute through a significant period of change and development introducing new technologies to support their business including Sea Bed Survey, Introduction of related systems, refit of Celtic Voyager Vessel, IT & Instrumentation fit out of new vessel Celtic Explorer, and launch of Web based services including HABS. Developed and delivered a range of management and interpersonal skills training for PMDS in the public sector and also modules for private sector clients. Mentored several start-ups.

2000 – 2002
CEO Accuris
Responsible for all aspects of running this international software products and services organisation, providing lawful Intercept Product solutions to main client KPN, and OSS systems, including provisioning, billing & mediation and work management to Telco operators. Achievements bringing a commercial focus and achieving profitability in first year, brought several credible potential buyers to the shareholders as it was one of my mandates, however the shareholders failed to effectively engage or support the potential divestments. Due to a major downturn in the sector the 2nd year required significant downsizing and I included myself in a redundancy. In addition significant challenges managing the often conflicting needs of Telco operator shareholders. This was a career role which delivered significant personal development for Declan; however the last months were very unsatisfactory personally and from a business perspective due to the economic circumstances, and lack of strategic engagement by shareholders, shortly after my departure the company was divested for a very low figure.
1987 – 2000
Amdahl – DMR Consulting – Fujitsu Consulting
Declan joined Amdahl in 1988 and during his tenure was involved in leading the transition of the Irish operation from a hardware manufacturing facility for mainframe computers to a fully-fledged IT services and software profit centre within the Fujitsu group.
1999-2000 Fujitsu Consulting Ireland - Practice Director
The role evolved from previous business and operational management roles to take responsibility for all practices, practice development and professionals within the organisation. During this period Declan was requested to take on a strategic consulting engagement in Accuris to identify the business and operational issues that existed and develop a plan to address these issues, which resulted in an offer to take on the CEO role in Accuris.

1996-1999 DMR Consulting – Practice Manager/Director
These roles involved significant strategic development and execution activities designed to align the Irish capacity with future corporate and end client needs and safeguard jobs and the future for the former Amdahl manufacturing operation. Achievements relate to corporate tent pegging, building group HQ relationships, securing new mandates for Ireland and executing local strategies that involved setting up new business units that were enabling and delivering revenues from end clients and developing products that were software based out of Ireland. Declan set up development BU’s, Test BU’s and Infrastructure related IT services units. KPI’s included achieving financial targets, new competence and offerings and growth in professional headcount billing.
1987-1996 Amdahl – Range of operational management positions.
During this period Declan held a range of operational management positions as his career progressed within Amdahl, these included Quality Management, Engineering Management, and Equipment Engineering Management. There were two major areas of focus in each role 1. New Product Introduction & Technology Transfer and 2. Execution and delivery on production plans and continuous improvement of the same. Declan provided functional leadership on two major product transitions and also led specific initiatives in relation to total quality management and JIT processes. It was in some of these roles Declan cut his teeth on leading large and complex cross functional projects.
1986 – 1987
Contract Engineering Consultant
Following redundancy Declan immediately secured a contract engineering role within the automotive sector, during this period he worked on designing a PCB for his client and more importantly developing initial electronics manufacturing plans and prototypes for this new area of technology for his client.
Engineering Manager - Triotech International
Declan joined this MNC start up and led the engineering aspects of setting up a Mil-883 compliant semiconductor and component independent test laboratory. This role involved the design and procurement of process and equipment, commissioning and calibration/qualification of a complete range of automatic test equipment covering functional testers, ESS test process and equipment and manual testing process. In this role Declan and his team were directly involved in the design and execution of client test plans. Triotech were tracking AMD’s planned investment in Dublin, when that was cancelled the market was not mature enough or big enough to support the overall investment and Declan was made redundant.
Computer Automation - Test Engineering and Management
Declan started his career on graduation with computer automation where he learned his trade as a hardware test engineer and progressed through production testing, test design, test and engineering management. He led all aspects of technology transfer and new product introduction from HQ in CA & TX USA for Mini & Micro computers, peripherals, OEM & PCBs and ATE.


1995-1997 MBA Dublin City University
1989 CDipAF ACCA
1977-1979 DipEng Telecommunications & Electronics Dublin Institute of technology

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