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Assistant Manager

India Glycols Limited

Engineering, Psychology, Astrology, Occultist a Conversation

Areas of Expertise

  • India
  • Hindi, English


Engineering specialities:-

A chemical engineer from HBTI Kanpur having more than 3 .5 years of process engineering experience in fertilizer and petrochemical sector with specialization on Ammonia, Synthesis Gas, Ethylene Oxide, Ethylene Glycols, Power Plant and Utilities including Boilers, Cooling Tower, Gas and Steam Turbines, DM Plant, Waste Water Treatment, Air Separation Units involving Cryogenic liquids as Nitrogen , Oxygen, Argon, CO2.

Specialties:Process Simulation, Manufacturing of Ammonia.

For Psychology, Astrology, Occulism expertise :- Consult , know & judge by results ( 1st hand experience)..