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Dr. Olsen is an authority in the field of advanced battery and fuel cell development and has authored more than 20

papers and scientific publications. He has also implemented various scale-up and commercialization concepts for

battery-related products within a Fortune 500 company and various successful start-ups. Dr. Olsen’s groundbreaking

work in the battery and fuel cell technology field has awarded him more than 30 patents. He was the founder CTO at

Gaia Power Technologies, where he was in charge of product definition and development and IP, and he secured

several millions in product development grants from State and Federal entities. Additional previous

employment includes eVionyx, Saft America and Valence Technology. Dr. Olsen holds a Ph. D. in Chemistry from

the University of Odense in Denmark and a M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from Denmark’s Technical University.

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IBD Associates, Inc IBD Cleantech Consulting ( Principal Consultant and Founder 2001 to present. Headquartered in New York, New York, our company is a internationally recognized, innovative cleantech consulting firm specializing in energy storage, renewable energy and smart grid. IBD Cleantech Consulting is a part of IBD Associates, Inc, an independent consulting company, which was founded in 2001 to serve a variety of customers ranging from individual entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies. They offer customized services across a number of disciplines. The core group brings with them over 50 years of experience from business strategy, business development, technology, and marketing areas. We draw on the expertice and network established by IBD Associates Inc and its portfolio companies over the last eight year and our work in the cutting edge battery industry over the last 20 years. IBD maintains a strong commitment to establishing close and effective relationships with clients. From the initial kick off to final presentation our efforts are customer driven and designed with value to you in mind. Client satisfaction and on time delivery are our highest priorities. Our work is confidential, and proprietary to each client.

Gaia Power Technologies, Inc Founder and CTO 2002 to 2009 We founded the company to develop and sell advanced stationary energy storage systems. The company sold those commercially and installed more than 3MW / 6MWh of units. Several of those were generator hybrid units, integrated with PV arrays or small windmills. We also received several grants for development and demonstrations projects including fuel cell integration and dispatchable PV. The company was sold to the lead investors. eVionyx Director of Product Engineering 2000 to 2002 -Took new metal air fuel cell technology from research to commercial products based on input from R&D, marketing and manufacturing. Managed cross-functional team to develop new products in short development cycles. -Instrumental in developing the company’s first commercial product, the EPM-100. -Established engineering department; focus on metal air fuel cells for the transportation sector. Saft America Inc. Project Manager 1995 to 2000 -Initiated development project of a new advanced lithium-ion polymer battery system, which was adopted by the company as fast paced, high priority $30M+ program. -Worked with sales and marketing team to identify first product and customer. -Used advanced statistical processes to speed up development and scale-up. -Defined manufacturing processes for large-scale pilot plant equipment. -Managed government (DOD) contracts to develop lithium-ion polymer battery technologies. Valence Technology, Inc Project Manager 1990 to 1995 -Oversaw process development and optimization of new lithium polymer systems. -Established and worked in an inter-company team with Eveready, Delphi, and General Motors to identify market needs and first products. -Spearheaded a comprehensive study of polymer electrolytes for rechargeable lithium batteries and subsequent optimized the composition for commercial products. -Built the worlds first lithium polymer battery pack for EV usage and delivered it to Delphi / General Motors

Dr. Olsen holds more than 30 US patents and authored or co-authored more than 20 peer reviewed papers and presentations


Ph.D. in Chemistry: University of Odense, Denmark January 1994 M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering: Technical University of Denmark January 1986 ITAC FastTrac® entrepreneurship program Spring 2001

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