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Interdisciplinary, Science-based Solutions for Business Professionals and Entrepreneurs


AREAS: Environmental-Social-Behavioral-Health Sciences

FOCUS: Combining interdisciplinary research with creative problem-solving strategies to develop customized, science-based solutions for business and life problems.


OTHER ACTIVITIES: Radio talk show host-presenter, public speaking/seminars, and documentary shorts/educational and training video series

ONGOING: Training, research and continued active role as nonprofit founder, board member and research consultant



-Over two decades experience training entrepreneurs and professionals in a variety of arenas including personal and social workplace strategies, employee relocation stress mitigation, time-management, cross-cultural workplace assimilation, more.

-Clients have included ATT, Xerox, American Airlines, among other Fortune 500 companies, as well as numerous small and medium size businesses, entrepreneurs and NPOs, and the U.S. Air Force.



Scientific researcher and consultant in the Environmental, Behavioral, Health and Social Sciences

1-Interdisciplinary scientific research training from top tier research universities, doctorate, and two decades experience with:

Study methodologies experience including survey analysis, observational studies, ethnographic studies, focus groups, and epidemiological studies, and meta-analysis. Research and consulting services include theoretical development, research design, survey development data collection and analysis, grant and report writing, needs assessment, program evaluation and development. [Corporate, NPO]

2-Qualitative/quantitative analyses: Consumer risk perceptions and behavior, statistical analysis of public databases, health correlates meta-analysis (toxic torts) and sustainable programs and policies. [NPO]

3-Interdisciplinary-based model building for Behavioral Analytics. Team focus on analyses of text analytics examining corporate marketing strategies and consumer behavior.



1-Over 100 publications: Scientific research, peer-reviewed journal articles (wide range of interdisciplinary topics); Books (nonfiction, science-based); Book chapters; Newspaper articles; Magazine articles; Whitepapers, Briefs, Research reports; Books (fiction/pseudonyms: Novels, Short stories, Stage Plays); Documentary storyboards and scripts


2-Professional Recognition:

-Who’s Who in the World

-Who’s Who in America

-Who’s Who in American Women: Medical and Health Sciences Special Edition


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July 1991 - Present

(31 years 6 months)


Relocation Stress


2008 - 2010

Documentary Studies,Documentary filmmaking

Duke University Documentary Studies

1997 - 2001

Ph.D.,Interdisciplinary Focus: Environmental-Social-Behavioral-Health Sciences

University of California

1995 - 1996

Masters,Social and Behavioral Sciences

University of Chicago

1991 - 1995

Bachelors, with Honors,Behavioral and Social Sciences

University of Chicago

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Articles & Publications

The Food Hacker's Handbook: A Guide to Breaking the Processed Foods and Additives Addiction

The Food Hacker’s Handbook reveals findings from decades of scientific and medical studies and clinical trials linking processed food additives to adverse health-related reactions. The Food Additives to Avoid Listing [FATAL] reveals at a glance: (1) which food additives are the most problematic, (2) what additives are linked with the most common health problems, and (3) where these chemicals of concern are hiding. Just as important, this book offers easy, practical solutions for avoiding unwante...

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Pets and Housing, International Encyclopedia of Housing and Home

Domestic Pets and Housing: Examines the author's groundbreaking scientific research on the topic of the limitations and restriction surrounding available rental housing permitting pets and how this has a cascading effect on myriad of areas including health and well-being, abandonment and euthanasia rates of companion animals, local and national economics, and much more.

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This book is based in part on the findings of the authors’ groundbreaking national Companion Animal Renters Study. Among other things, the study examined rentals with regard to pet-friendly/pets prohibited status, a variety of financial and economic factors, rental, deposit, turnover and damage histories, rental tendencies and trends, and landlords’ personal beliefs and attitudes about allowing companion animal renters.

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Silent Victims

The research findings presented include notable studies on the factors associated with animal abuse, including the perpetrators, abusive environments, and other factors thought to be linked to animal cruelty. The book also offers readers an insider's look at animal cruelty; real life tales weave theories and research findings with applied fieldwork, and examine commonly used strategies and techniques for recognizing and addressing animal abuse cases.

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The Hidden Costs of Relocating Employees: Corporate Strategies for Reducing Loss from Relocation Str...

Relocating the best employees is a common practice that just makes sense. What does not make good business sense is accepting the ongoing hidden costs of this practice. As many as one-third of moves do not go well resulting in increased turnover rates, increased time off, increased health insurance costs, and decreased productivity. Our new user-friendly book entitled, “The Hidden Costs of Relocating Employees: Corporate Strategies for Reducing Loss from Relocation Stress” explores the key p...

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