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Empowering Entrepreneurs


He is the Founder of ELEVIN SOLUTIONS, empowering entrepreneurs to cross the chasm between idea and realization. He also serves in the Board of Directors of Zintro, SoundBridge and the Asperger/Autism Network. Enrique is an Adjunct Professor at the Brandeis International Business School and a Mentor and Judge for multiple startup competitions and accelerators worldwide.

Entrepreneur by nature, Enrique can be described as a highly creative and analytical thinker with 15+ years of experience in turning ideas into reality and a great track record for building businesses that provide value adding products and services to accurately targeted markets internationally.

His multidisciplinary hands-on background and unique perception of the world give him an enhanced understanding of complex dynamic systems and social behavior, allowing him to add value to most business disciplines. His exceptional management skills maximize the potential of any high-performance team.

Enrique has successfully built and executed 6+ business models in the B2B and B2C realms in extremely diverse industries, always with a frugal mindset, continually optimizing business models and operations for the right KPIs, while keeping a work culture of quality, discipline and trust.

He holds an MBA from Brandeis University's International Business School, known for it's social justice approach to education, as well as a BS in Industrial & Systems Engineering from ITESM, the top engineering and entrepreneurship university in Mexico. He speaks Spanish, Portuguese and English with high proficiency and has a lot of experience in multicultural local and remote settings.

When not working (which is rare), Enrique is a mentor, DJ, music producer, singer-songwriter, guitar player, performance driver, car tuner, explorer, photographer and designer.


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July 2017 - Present

(5 years 3 months)


SplitfitBoston, MA

Personalized training simplified.

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May 2017 - Present

(5 years 5 months)

Adjunct Professor, Entrepreneurship

Brandeis University International Business SchoolWaltham, MA

Startup Consulting Projects help MA students experience entrepreneurship first hand by studying, analyzing and providing recommendations to real startups at different stages of development and funding. Experiential learning is essential to guarantee the relevance and practicality of a well rounded education.

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January 2017 - Present

(5 years 9 months)

Co-Founder & Board of Directors

ZintroWaltham, MA

Connecting companies with highly specialized experts for paid phone consults, projects and jobs faster and more affordably.

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July 2016 - Present

(6 years 3 months)


TellusLabsGreater Boston Area

TellusLabs combines decades of satellite imagery with a machine learning platform to answer critical, time-sensitive economic and environmental questions

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July 2016 - Present

(6 years 3 months)



Empowering entrepreneurs to cross the chasm between idea and realization.

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June 2016 - Present

(6 years 4 months)


SoundBridgeCambridge, MA

Improving access to professional audio production by reducing complexity and increasing mobility for the modern Digital Audio Workstation.

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June 2012 - December 2016

(4 years 6 months)

Co-Founder & VP Product

Zintro Inc.Greater Boston Area

"Connecting companies with highly specialized experts for paid projects, phone consults and jobs"

- Directed, managed and trained Product, Engineering, Creative and Support teams.
- Created, designed and implemented a completely new user experience that better addresses the needs of the target market, while being robust and flexible enough to allow for a natural evolution of the platform.
- Defined design, specifications and prioritization of all product features.
- Managed and optimized technological architecture and integration with Amazon AWS (RDS, EC2, S3, Cloudwatch and Route 53), Redmine (ticketing system), Mandrill (transactional emails), Uservoice (support and helpdesk), Mailchimp (marketing emails), Kissmetrics (analytics), Salesforce (sales management), Uservoice (support ticketing and feedback forums) Wordpress (content management) and many others.
- Drove quality assurance efforts and managed testing automation and code review through Gerrit and Selenium. Achieved daily releases to production with minimal defects.
- Identified and explored key opportunities for SEO, inbound marketing and organic growth. Developed system with hundreds of thousands of long-tail keyword-rich landing pages that generated hundreds of qualified leads per month.
- Improved messaging and on-boarding process.
- Established deep data tracking and key performance indicators throughout the conversion and engagement funnels.
- Improved Customer Service practices and created channels for two sided communication between Product and Users.
- Created and implemented a/b testing infrastructure allowing for optimization of conversion and engagement funnels.
- Established positioning in key social networks.
- Developed Webinar program.
- Greatly improved work culture and management practices.
- Applied Six Sigma and TQM methodologies and principles to all operations.
- Applied Lean/Agile/Kanban concepts to most business and engineering practices.

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February 2005 - May 2013

(8 years 3 months)

Founder & CEO

K Customs S.A. de C.V.Mexico City, Mexico

An online retail channel for high-end high-performance automotive parts in the Mexican market. Over 16,000 high quality SKUs delivered through drop-shipping methods to the entire Mexican Republic in record times with exceptional customer service.

Unified a broken distribution network in the aftermarket parts sector in Mexico, enabling distributors to reach full market potential. Improved positioning of brands and awareness by providing accurate fitment, technical and installation information tailored to the needs of customers.

- Identified unique opportunities in the market and established key competitive differentiators.
- Created MVP and proof of concept
- Created Infrastructure, User Experience and Monetization model.
- Established key partnerships
- Over 5,000 customers with 98% positive feedback.
- Achieved over 100% growth year over year without external investment.

K Customs includes several complementary business model MVPs:
- Service referrals to installation centers nationwide with key partners in the industry.
- Custom military prototypes and wholesale military auto-parts.
- Brick and mortar high quality modification and tuning shop.

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December 2010 - September 2011

(9 months)

Founder & CEO

Launchtool.mxMexico City, Mexico

An engine that empowers artists to improve the experience and revenues of a restaurant, bar or club, by working to source suitable audiences for their own act in that venue.

Launchtool provides marketing and activation services to restaurants, bars and clubs, creating opportunities for talented artists to present, produce and sell their product or performance.

- Identified unique opportunities in the market and established key competitive differentiators.
- Created MVP and proof of concept
- Created Infrastructure, User Experience and Monetization model.
- Established key partnerships
- Achieved profitability and created 3 jobs within 6 months.

January 2010 - September 2011

(1 year 8 months)

Founder & CEO

ELEVIN High Tech ConsultingMexico

Provided Web-Design, User Experience, Analytics and Engineering Management Consulting for development of web products including Fantasias Miguel, SubChrono, Clickmania, Grupedsac and Aquatabs.

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March 2009 - January 2010

(10 months)

Latin America Engineering Hub Manager Schollar

Procter & GambleMexico City, Mexico

Designed and implemented sustainability control system in 8 plants that translated local plant sustainability data to global sustainability goals, allowing for improved data collection , translation, correction, calculation and analytics in Fiscal Year 2009, 2008 and 2007.

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January 2004 - February 2005

(1 year 1 month )

Production and Quality Control Manager/Schollar

Conductores ARSA S.A. de C.V.Mexico City, Mexico

Provided key recommendations to improve efficiency of production methods for new products.

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March 2004 - December 2005

(1 year 9 months)

Recording Artist

Mantequilla RecordsMexico

After being recruited by creative producer Charly Sanchez, spent two years writing and recording original material for the album "Levin - Libre" where he wrote, composed and sang rock, pop, hip-hop and funk.

January 2003 - January 2004

(1 year )

Web Developer and Designer / Account Manager

Crudaun Mantenimiento S.A. de C.V.Mexico City, Mexico

Led initiative, developed and implemented Web Development services department.

- Identified key customers.
- Closed first 3 contracts.
- Managed relationships with Clients.
- Designed and developed 3 websites with 100% satisfaction rate.

January 1998 - August 2004

(6 years 7 months)

Founder & CEO

ELEVIN Tech EducationMexico

- Educated children and seniors on information technologies and personal computer use.
- Assembled and sold custom computer hardware.
- Sold and installed computer software.
- Provided hardware and software maintenance for individuals and small companies.


2011 - 2013

Master of Business Administration (MBA),International Economics & Finance

Brandeis University International Business School

Entrepreneurial Finance & Business Plans
Sales and Sales Management
Business Strategy in Emerging Markets
Financial Theory
Accounting and Financial Analysis
Information Management
Global Economic Environment
Family Enterprise
Operational Risk Management
Branding Strategy
Marketing Communications
Influence, Power & Identity
International Corporate Finance
Alliance Strategy
Competition and Strategy
Management Communications
Corporate Governance
Knowledge Flows in Global Competition
Marketing Management

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2004 - 2010

Bachelor of Science (BS),Industrial & Systems Engineering

Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey / ITESM

2007-2008 Retail Concentration

2005-2005 Bolsa Mexicana de Valores Investment Fund Concentration

2004-2005 Financial Management Major

Financial Accounting
Analysis of Information
Mathematics for Engineering I, II and III
Physics I, II and III
Oral Communication
Organizational Psychology
Information Analisys
Computer Science for Engineers
Quality Culture
Ordinary Differential Equations
Computer Drawing
Probability and Statistics
Work Design
Statistical Quality Control
Computer Drawing
Design of Installations
Materials Management
Participative Methods for Modeling
Regression Analysis
Projects Evaluation
Experiment Analysis and Design
Linear Algebra
Operations Research I and II
Cost Systems
Dynamic Modeling
Production Management I and II
Manufacturing Processes I and II
Organizational Improvement Processes
Integrated Manuafacturing Systems
Information Technologies
Merchandise Management
Entrepreneurial Development
Integrated Manufacturing Systems I and II
Forecasting and Planning
Store Management and Customer Service
Project Management
Distribution Logistics
Quality Systems
Technology Management
Ethics in Professional Practice
Engineering Projects
System Design

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Articles & Publications

AANE - Board of Directors & Strategic Planning Committee

The Asperger/Autism Network (AANE) works with individuals, families, and professionals to help people with Asperger Syndrome and similar autism spectrum profiles build meaningful, connected lives. We do this by providing information, education, community, support, and advocacy, all in an atmosphere of validation and respect. (previously Asperger's Association of New England)

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Investment: The Killer of Early-Stage Startups

In recent times, entrepreneurs have been led to believe that the goal of an early stage startup is to get investment and not to build a sustainable business. After meeting with thousands of startups and having built several myself, I can tell you that there is nothing good in getting early stage investment. It is not only a bad idea, but it reduces drastically your chances of success. Sadly, most of the entrepreneurial support infrastructure we know and love has been built around the investment ...

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