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Each type of school essay has its own structure, presentation and assessment criteria. Today there are the following types:

Descriptive essays.

The main importance in their writing is the artistic and pictorial means of language (epithets, comparisons, metaphors). The main feature of descriptions is a consistent transition from the general to the particular. It can be a description of a picture, a character, an interior, a landscape, the seasons. It is with descriptions that children are taught to write essays already in primary school. A child should be able to do the simplest descriptions by the end of the first form.

Narrative composition (story).

This is also a kind of description, but it is an action, an event (a trip, a holiday, a day off, a favourite lesson). Therefore the main focus is on the sequence of your thought process. There must be a plot, a climax and a subsequent denouement. Verbs play the main role. In the 2nd form the child should already be able to write a simple narrative essay.


For pupils this is the most difficult type of writing which requires maximum concentration, in-depth knowledge of the topic and the ability to analyse it and express their attitude. The structure of this work necessarily consists of the idea (thesis), evidence (arguments), the conclusion (the answer to the main question). Free theme essays, reviews, testimonials and essays are written in this genre.

Begin teaching the essay-description before school: let the child verbally talk about what is shown in a picture, what he sees outside the window, on a walk, in his room. Pay attention to the preschooler's sequencing of ideas: from one object to another, without jumping around. That is, one object is described in full first and only then should you move on to the next one, instead of "jumping" back and forth between them several times. You can also turn to online essay writing services to help your child. It is important to choose a service with good reviews, Studybay is one such service.

An essay is not just a written work. It is always structured. The essay may be very deep and informative, but the teacher will give a low mark, because it is not precisely related to the topic, or it is not fully explained, or the child is "left-handed" when writing - he/she is leading into the maze of the question which is not considered necessary, but the child misses the point.