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Sr. VP - Director of Commercial Lending

Global Fundings, Inc.

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  • SF, CA, United States
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Over 20 years of experience in Apartment purchases, refinances, rehabilitation & renovation, construction and Commercial Real Estate.


I just completed my first repeat telephone consultation. A month ago a real estate owner and I discussed his potential options on a sale-leaseback transaction. A month later he contacted me through Zintro for a conversation on a completely different income property deal.

For over two decades I have worked in many aspects of income property financing. I've been a loan officer, commercial loan underwriter, loan reviewer, and a lending compliance officer.

I am now brokering income property loans - and that means I represent the best lenders across the United States. I'm not limited by any one bank's programs or guidelines.

To help residential loan brokers get started in commercial lending, I wrote an eBook for them: "The Residential Loan Broker's Guide to Success Brokering Income Property (Commercial) Loans."

In today's difficult market, the premium is on getting the loan done - quickly, efficiently, as painlessly as a commercial loan can be, and honestly. We've all seen, from time to time, a lack on integrity in this business. We certainly don't need any more of that!

Global Fundings is a nation-wide broker of commercial (income) property loans. We specialize in financing transactions. However, we can provide for owner-occupied properties SBA and other Small Business loans. And we can provide financing for the purchase and refinance of most types of commercial real estate - including that owned by non-profits (such as houses of worship).

We also work with selected clients on their "super jumbo" single-family residential transactions (loan amounts $1M and up).

We are also working with residential borrowers facing foreclosure.

Specialties: Apartment purchases, refinances, rehabilitation/renovation and construction. We locate loans for all types of income property, and owner-occupied, as well.

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