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Vice President of Sales, Marketing, Distribution, Pricing and Revenue

Frederic Savoye Consulting

Expert in Hospitality for Revenue Optimization a Conversation

Areas of Expertise

  • Luxembourg
  • English


Fred has been in charge of many properties in different international markets such in the US, UK, Germany, France, Benelux, Central and Eastern Europe.

Most of his missions have taken place in tough economic environments where he has always been able to gather a deep understanding of hotels markets opportunities, this combined with a clear idea of areas to be improved at the property level in order to reach in a short period of time significant and well recognized success.

Understanding team weaknesses and correct them, re-organizing resources and perform customized training and coaching in order to make each individuals giving their best at work, identifying account potentials and ensure a successful team deployment, defining a proper pricing by segment approach and secure property positioning and volume, directing marketing funds in order to accelerate multi-segment market penetration are some of the talents of Fred.

In more than 15 years working in Sales and after having managed many revenue teams, Fred has defined clear standard operating procedures in order to ensure hotel revenue teams efficiency in the long run.

Indeed, selling and generating revenue is a process to follow that starts with the hiring of the right talents and develop them by the way people’s daily activities are organized in order to ensure relevant results, to increase individual involvements and make all the revenue team from the General Manager to the Banquet Sales Coordinator committed to the overall hotel revenue results.