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Pesticides & Ecotoxicology Expert


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Areas of Expertise

  • Marousi / Athens, Greece
  • English, German, French


Market oriented R&D professional with globally recognized crop protection profile and proven track record of delivering development projects for ten years. Talented in interfacing development with business (market gap identification, technical positioning, business yielding messages and platforms.Over 15 years experience in pesticide toxicology.


Assoc. Professor (2001-2008) & Professor (2008-current) in Pesticides & Ecotoxicology
University Democritus Thrace Orestias / Thrace / Greece
13/02/2001 - 27/10/2012
Current Job

 Built strategic alliances with academic units (Texas A&M University, Hebrew University of Israel).
 Introduced course on agrochemicals safety & ecotoxicology.
 Served as Head of Department Agricultural Development (2004-2008).
 Managed (Head of 15-30 people) successfully projects ( 0.6 - 1.5 M €).
 Lectured on pesticides biochemistry, pesticides ecotoxicology, weed science, environmental risk assessment.
 Refereed papers for peer reviewed journals.
 Published papers in peer reviewed journals.

Head of Research & Development (including Regulatory Affairs)
AgrEvo Hellas AG Athens / Greece
01/05/1994 - 30/10/1999

 Developed (from screening to registration and market delivery) key projects e.g. Puma Super, ,Agrimec, Decis flowable and others (120-150 registration trials per year per compound).
 Reversed an aticipated loss of 2,5 million € (failure of newly launched Puma due to unfavourable weather conditions) to a 1.5 million € turnover surplus due to successfull (prior to plan) launching of Puma Super.
 Planned and executed the establisment of the AgrEvo Hellas GLP unit resulting in average yearly savings of 30% of the company R&D budget (a total of 250.000 € in 5 years).
 Initiated risk analysis (based on ROI) in AgrEvo Hellas. New product development and product acquisition was for the first time based on this new procedure.
 Developed and introduced new cotton varieties in the Greek market. Today Bayer Hellas is leader (MS 40%)in the Greek seed market based on these varieties.
 Established interface between business (key customers, sales force) and product development: Product positioning based upon market price of competitors and product strategic comparative advantages identification, product promotion to key accounts, special technical services to key accounts.
 Introduced the multiple low rates application scheme of PIX (cotton growth regulator) in the Greek market.


University of Agronomy, Athens / Greece, 11/04/1966 – 29/02/1972.
BSc / MSC in Phytopathology / Agronomy, Top 15%.
University Hohenheim, Stuttgart / Germany, 20/04/1975 –25/04/1979 PhD in Herbicide Chemistry / Plant Protection, Magna Cum Laude.


 Internal training in marketing of pesticides, 3 weeks, Hoechst AG, 1991.
 Internal training in placement of targets, evaluation of results and time management ,2 weeks, Selecon Consultants, 1995.
 Internal training in product management, Hoechst AG, 1 week, 1996.
 Leadership for managers, 5 weeks, Dale CarnegyAthens.,May 1999.
 Texas A&M University, College Station / Texas / USA, 02/02/2009 – 30/04/2009 Training Project: Herbicide HPLC Analysis

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