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  • District of Columbia, United States
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I have uniquely broad and profound experience in the research, commercialization, and governance of science and technology, and their global effects on business, governments, policy, economics, markets, national and homeland security, and foreign affairs, to provide:

• Deep insight and foresight for businesses, policymakers, decision makers, and investors on emerging technologies and their markets, global competition, and security implications

• Highly informed and aggressive representation and business development strategies for companies and other organizations seeking Federal and private funding, networking, political allies, and partnering in the technology arena

• Policy and strategy development for state, regional, national, and international organizations interested in the effects of research and technology on business and economic development, developing markets, resourcing, and social/political/security ramifications

• Extensive scientific and research expertise in the physical sciences, computation, information technology, modeling, data analysis, decision theory, sensing, and complexity


2013-present Independent Consultant Washington, DC and San Diego, CA
Leveraging 25+ years experience in Federal government, business, academia, and non-profits to provide:
• Foresight, business intelligence, and strategic planning for business and organizational development;
• Federal representation and networking, funding and resource identification, strategy development, partnering;
• Policy analysis and development for technology, innovation, national security, and economic growth
• Political strategy, community building, advocacy, and outreach

2009-2012 National Nanotechnology Coordinating Office Industry & State Liaison
Senior staff in the NNCO under the White House OSTP, handling policy, research, and industry issues:
• Senior policy advisor on the U.S. national portfolio for nanoscience, technology, and commercialization
• Executive Secretary for the NILI working group of the National Science and Technology Council NSET committee, developing the agenda, activities, and policy
• Developed and filled the position of Industry and State Liaison of the NNCO, providing the interface between the NSET committee and business/ industry groups and state governor’s offices
• Organized and chaired two major high-level workshops to create a community of interest for regional, state, and local nanotechnology research and economic development activities

2007-2009 George Mason University / Critical Infrastructure Program
Senior Law School Fellow leading research projects on national homeland security policy issues, including:
• Cybersecurity technology, policy, law, and strategy at the organizational, national, and international level
• Technology and policy of national critical event modeling and response environments
• Developed proposals for three major Federal grants on national emergency management environments
• Contributor to the 2008 Department of Homeland Security Modeling and Simulation Strategic Plan

2006-2009 National Defense University Senior Fellow and Adjunct Professor
Senior Fellow in the Center for Technology and National Security Policy (CTNSP) and Adjunct Professor in the School of National Security Executive Education (SNSEE), with activities including:
• Led national security policy research projects on a range of technology issues
• Co-contributor to a major study on Cyberpower and Cybersecurity
• Developed a business and policy model, and wrote legislation for, an IT scouting office for DoD
• Taught courses on analysis, decision making, and defense technology to senior national security executives and military officers

2006-2006 Accelerating Innovation Foundation Executive Director
Helped organize the Foundation and served for one year as its Executive Director. Conducted strategic planning, business development, staff management, and outreach activities. Organized two major conferences on national innovation policy in Washington, DC with over 400 attendees and VIP speakers.

2002-2006 Office of Senator John Warner, U.S. Senate Science and National Security Advisor
Senior Advisor and Military Legislative Assistant to Senator John Warner. Duties included:
• Advising the Senator and staff on science, technology, defense, and business issues
• Designee on the Senate Armed Services Committee, also providing advice on science and technology
• Prepared speeches, floor statements, draft legislation, and represented Senator at official functions.
• Business and university liaison; designed and supported economic development projects for Virginia
• Developed and evaluated Appropriations requests

2001-2002 Committee on Science, U.S. House of Representatives AAAS-SAE Fellow
Society of Automotive Engineer’s AAAS Congressional Fellow, working on full committee staff. Duties included:
• Policy advisor on national R&D portfolio, commercialization, and standards and technology
• Performed issue research, hearing preparation, and evaluation of legislation
• Business liaison for homeland security community; helped draft legislation for creation of DHS

1999-2001 Rand Science and Technology Policy Institute AAAS-Rand Fellow
Policy analyst in the S&TPI supporting the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. Performed analysis of domestic policy issues, co-authored three major technology policy reports and various smaller studies.

1987-2001 Univ. of California at San Diego Research Faculty
Post-Doctoral Fellow in Physics Dept. and Research Faculty in Scripps Institute of Oceanography. Over ten years managing research group, including obtaining funding, managing projects and staff, and advising graduate students. Research on physics, chaos, complexity, and information science applied to defense and intelligence applications.

1988-2001 Nonlinear Solutions, Inc. Vice-President and Chief Scientist
Twelve years managing a corporate research group, including soliciting funding, guiding research, and managing staff and consultants. Research included nonlinear science and information science for defense and intelligence applications.

1985-1987 Los Alamos National Laboratory Graduate Fellow
Graduate research work at the Center for Nonlinear Studies at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Studied theory and computational aspects of stability and chaos in vortex dynamics and fluids. Solved a 30 year old outstanding problem in vortex systems the first three months at the lab.


Ph.D. in Physics, Brown University, 1987;
M.Sc. in Physics, Brown University, 1982;
B.Sc. in Mathematics, Pennsylvania State University, 1979;
B.Sc. in Physics, Pennsylvania State University, 1979;
Certificate in Science and Technology Policy Program, Pennsylvania State University, 1979;

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