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The Difference Between White Hat vs Black Hat SEO

They say, there no shortcut, and even if you found one there is no way to get the best out of it. This not only applies in the most scenarios of one’s life but also to the process of ranking your website. In plain words, since search engine optimization is yet the best and quality option to rank your website, there are two types of SEO have been introduced to date, those are:

1. White Hat SEO

2. Black Hat SEO

This article intends to show the major differences between White Hat and Black Hat SEO. Without further ado! Let’s jump into the details:

1. White Hat SEO

In order to define White Hat SEO, it refers to the using strategies that target a human audience opposed to trying to hack a search engine algorithm. It means practicing the SEO that is piety to the Google’s own definition of SEO and therefore, get a quality result out of it. Any good SEO campaign will focus more on White Hat SEO, quality content, and link building as the core of their approach.

Techniques used in white hat SEO include:

- Using accurate keywords

- Keyword analysis and keyword research ( Check your website keywords with serpstat rank tracker )

- Rewriting meta tags for better relevance

- Backlinking to sites that are relevant and valuable

- Link building through writing valuable content for human readers

To get an extensive idea on White Hat SEO (sometimes known as ethical SEO), it is generally seen as a long-term investment in a website, and although it may take longer to get initial rankings to rise, the search ranking results last a long time. Any SEO practice that helps the site visitor in some way is generally going to give you a better result.

2. Black Hat SEO

Now that you got the knowledge about White Hat SEO, you must know that Black Hat SEO is the complete opposite process of White Hat SEO or preferred SEO option. By definition, ‘Black Hat’ is a term that is associated with computer hacking in general. For this reason, Black Hat SEO refers to shortcuts and strategies that attempt to get higher search rankings, that break search engine rules.

To simply what Black Hat SEO is all about, you must know that Black Hat SEO deals with only search engines and does not factor in the way humans interact with a website.

The Black Hat approach to SEO is often used by people looking for a quick-fix or to cheat the search engine rankings. And you must know that Black Hat SEO won’t take you anywhere in the long run.

Techniques that are used in Black Hat SEO are:

- Keyword stuffing

- Link farming or link trading

- Hidden texts and links

- Blog comment spamming

Which one you should aim at?

While it is up to each website developer to choose what approach they use, there are definite advantages to using White Hat SEO. Google guidelines state that developing quality content and strong genuine backlinks are key to growing the rankings in the search engine. On top of everything, always go for the White Hat SEO regardless of the sweet talking about Black Hat SEO.