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Consulting advice and communication services to help physicians improve the connection they have with their patients. With clear advice, useful tools and patient-friendly information systems, CareConnect’s value proposition is simple, we help physicians provide better care, improve office efficiency, increase patient and staff satisfaction and build professional image

by enhancing their communication with current and potential patients. We specialize in custom branding, print, on-line and video solutions. Also available for speaking and training assignments


a division of Strategic Innovation
President, CEO

Jane has spent over 25 years helping employers educate their employees about healthcare plans, including campaigns to engage employees as healthcare consumers. She has helped employees understand the cost and value of employer-provided health care, adapt to newer consumer-driven approaches, engage in wellness activities and accept increasing responsibility for their own health status. In the past year, she has turned her efforts toward improving the physicians role in patient-doctor communication.


Jane holds a B.S. in Education from Ball State University and an M.A. from Purdue University, where she completed all but her dissertation for a Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Composition. She has advanced training in the Synectics® and Grove® methods of facilitation and creative problem solving and in the Michael Gelb method of Mindmapping as a way to generate, record and align group thinking by engaging both the right and left brain.