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The Law Firm of Jay H. Krulewitch is a law firm specializing in trial advocacy in the finest tradition of Clarence Darrow! Over the past 25 years, Jay H. Krulewitch has built an outstanding reputation as an experienced trial lawyer able to successfully represent persons on criminal matters as well as those injured by the negligence or careless actions of others in civil matters.

On Civil Matters, the firms practice includes representing injured persons on a wide variety of matters, including the following types of cases:

Personal injury cases
Catastrophic Injury cases
Brain Injury cases
Automobile accidents
Slip and Fall incidents
Premises Liability cases
Civil Rights Discrimination cases

The Law Firm of Jay H. Krulewitch can also help with legal matters ranging from sexual harassment to drug crimes, felonies and homicide cases. In addition, the firm does handle quasi-criminal kinds of matters such as civil anti-harassment restraining orders and DV protection orders as well as witness representation. In all cases I offer a free telephone consultation to initially discuss your matter.

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