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Business Development for South America


Mechanical Engineer and Entrepreneur a Conversation

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  • Bogota, Colombia
  • Spanish, English


Mechanical Engineer having a wide range of experience in Commercial and Project Management: I am an executive with high conviction and follow thought oriented processes to achieve corporate and personal goals. I am ambitious from the intellectual and professional point of view, have strong ethics and moral basis that are always put into consideration at the moment of making decisions. I like to listen everyone┬┤s opinions and to use that information at the time of choosing alternatives that allow me to reach the required and planned success. I have a wide experience in the commercialization of equipment, project development and project management related to engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) and/or conventional supply concepts related to drinking water infrastructure, power generation, bio fuels, navy (i.e. military), steel trade, agrochemical and plastic issues among other areas. I also have good skills in administrative management - oriented to the planning, execution and control of activities related to labour, accountancy and financial matters, corporative strategy and development of business plans.