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Strategic Planning and Development for Preclinical, Clinical, and Biomedical Consulting and Advisory Services

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  • SF, CA, United States
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Pre-clinical And Biomedical Consultant


More than 30 years experience in academic medicine, medical device, basic science and teaching. Founded and grew LyChron, LLC which became one of the preeminent preclinical research facilities in the US. Program faculty in the Stanford Biodesign and Innovation Fellowship Program and have advised many graduates of this program. Extremely knowledgeable in identfying ideas which have promise in their early stages. I am also well versed in translational research identifying the best animal models for development in a variety of medical specialties.


August 2011 - Present

(11 years 3 months)


Jim Swick ConsultingSF Bay Area

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I am looking for an expert on class III medical device aortic valves who has worked for the FDA in that area

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