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Hello, my name is John Billiou. I am sixty years old. I am an expert in the management of the sales procedure in the region. I supervise the organization and development of the distribution process in the respective region, finding customers and gathering market data for the region. We sell gardening tools, spare parts and other accessories. We can be found at , and know all the conditions.

A chainsaw or any other tool has a lifetime. A proper use, preventative maintenance and proper maintenance are the key to extending the service life of any tool. So, if the chainsaw is utilized in the correct way, based on its class (domestic, semi-professional, or professional) and to keep an eye on the state of the chain, it will become your faithful aid for many years. If the tools are chosen or made in a way that is not correct, it will lead not only to the poor quality cutting of the material, but also to the failure of the machine as a whole. That is why the selection of a chain for a chainsaw and its care should be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

Pitch is among the most notable characteristics. It represents the length in inches. There are three common pitches: 0.325, 0.375 and 0.404 inches. It is at this point that you make the chainsaw chain you choose. Chainsaws can be made to cut a particular size cutting assembly. Every kind of chainsaw is designed to work with specific work types. Only experts can make use of different components. The strength and torque of the chainsaw are also important in choosing the correct pitch for your chainsaw.

The chain pitch also determines how tough the chainsaw is. This is not only productive but also more manageable. The pitch of the chain will affect how much wood it "tears" and, consequently, the dimension of the cut. It takes more effort to hold the chainsaw in your hands. If your chainsaw isn't adjusted to its blade it may break down quickly because of the stress.

As you can see, the pitch - is the most important characteristic, in accordance with which and need to select a chain. In addition, the pitch of the chain must be in line with the pitch of drive and idler sprockets. It is required that both sprockets be replaced as well as the bar for it to function. But remember that if you choose a chain to one that does not fit its power specifications it will cause the engine to experience excessive loads, which can cause the engine to fail.

It is important to follow the guidelines of the manufacturer regarding continuous operation to prolong the lifespan of equipment and parts.