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Management Consultant, Organization Development, Architect of Powerful Change Strategies, and Happiness Engineer.


The Challenges that You Have are Very Common

The great preponderance of organizational problems stem from Principles not being adhered to, and the Paradigms of those involved. My practice has been able to help organizations in all industry sectors to deal with teamwork, quality, morale, governance, productivity, and culture issues, because the common denominator to all is human motivation. These issues, and most others, are solved regardless of the technology, education level, or industry in question. There has never been an instance where we have not been able to solve the problem. We are able to put our finger on the core issues pretty quickly, given good information from our clients, because our diagnostic model is so accurate and inclusive.

The Process

After a detailed discussion of your situation, and the major stakeholders, we will discuss the impact that the issue has had, and what its cost has been to the organization, and to you personally. I will quickly describe the principles involved with the issue in a way that is designed to put it to bed. I will provide coaching on the methodologies and strategies required, based on the principles we feel are relevant. And I will help you see where inappropriate paradigms are in operation, and how to shift them. I will provide supporting documents via email.

Setting Your Expectations

The question is never “are we able to solve this?” but “do we have the level of commitment, and patience to solve it in a way that the problem will never return?” The methods employed always yield a permanent fix, because of the impact that they have on the individuals involved. The ROI is therefore immediate, substantial, and recurring, compared to the previous programs that have been employed. All ideas and strategies presented are logical, and will make perfect sense. Because the principles used are so common to other problems as well, there is a good chance that other related problems will be solved at the same time.

The Risks

The permanence of the change is directly related to how open-minded one is, how quickly he is able to employ the strategies and coaching that are provided, and his position of influence in the situation. We must start with the realization that all that all that was done in the past has not worked, so it follows that one must be willing to abandon that thinking in favor of ideas that will bring success, which may be challenging. Depending on the complexity of the issue at hand, frankly, you may not be equipped to solve it completely on your own with one session. Follow-up sessions may be required, but by then you will be convinced that it will work, and will want more time to refine your skills.

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Organization Development Consulting / CEO Coaching
Eight Years of engagements with government, earth science, education, manufacturing, construction, financial advisory services, HR services, hospitals, IT, non-profits, and others.
Provide a unique set of skills and strategies that are most effective in bringing about dramatic change to the capability of organizations in the key areas that affect their ability to achieve goals.
-Leadership Development that is directly connected to building influence and effectiveness.
-Introducing principles that assure success and eliminate problems
-Team cultures that members erect and maintain
-Confidence in overcoming problems of all types

Bank of Hawaii
Strategic Planning
Internal Leadership Consultant


Lewis and Clark College, B.S. Business Management

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