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I have over 20 years of experience as a biology instructor at the community college level in both majors and non-majors biology, anatomy and physiology, genetics, and botany. I have been an instructor, mentor, and Gold Star faculty with CCCOnline most recently this past year. In addition, I have worked at Community Colleges in both California and Colorado as an Adjunct Faculty and my experience includes both traditional face-to-face courses and on-line teaching. I have been responsible for both the development of new courses as well as the refinement of existing course to meet evolving standards.

In addition to my work as an online instructor, I have been instrumental in the development of an on-line course through the Monterey Institute including writing 12 chapters of an on-line text and creating the activities and learning objectives for these chapter. Even though this work was accomplished complete through on-line efforts, the work involved close coordination on people from across the country to complete the work effort within the tight timeline established by the institute. These efforts highlight the collaborative work environment that I most enjoy.

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