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Market Research And Consumer Insights Consultant


I help companies, organizations and brands prosper by delivering research-based market and consumer insights that matter. I listen. I ask questions. I make my clients’ problems my problems — and make it my business to solve them.

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Broad expertise in custom, strategic market research and consumer insights. Accomplished in most aspects of buying, selling, producing and delivering qualitative and quantitative research insights.

• Understanding client businesses, brands, products/services and competitive landscapes; assessing client challenges, needs and priorities.

• Formulating research hypotheses, objectives and strategies.

• Determining optimal approaches, methodologies and analysis plans; developing and presenting comprehensive and persuasive research proposals.

• Designing clear, relevant and unbiased questionnaires, and framing apposite and reliable sampling plans.

• Managing the research process, budget and timetable; ensuring data collection and processing quality and productivity.

• Applying appropriate multivariate statistical models and analyses; building research-based decision support systems and simulation tools.

• Mining, analyzing, synthesizing, modeling and interpreting data; weaving disparate sources (primary & secondary, qualitative & quantitative); discovering actionable decision-making insights.

• Preparing and presenting powerful research stories; recommending feasible, insight-based action plans that positively enhance business performance.

Provide turnkey research and strategy to new brands of products and services – from conception through launch, and after. My custom research expertise encompasses a variety of innovation and marketing challenges, including insight, idea, concept, product, package and price optimization; demand forecasting; market segmentation; brand equity and positioning; brand metrics tracking; customer experience and loyalty; and transcultural and international research.

Court-qualified expert in survey research methods, and orchestrator of large, strategic research studies across five continents – implemented virtually all types of qualitative and quantitative data collection and sampling approaches among various consumer, B2B, medical and government targets. Collaborate with leading marketing scientists and academics, while applying a colorful palette of advanced analytic and modeling solutions.


June 1992 - Present

(29 years 10 months)


S-M-A-R-TSanta Rosa

January 1980 - June 1992

(12 years 5 months)



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