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CEO,International Outsourcing ,VP Sales,Project Manager

Fritker &Technical Assistance,S.L.

Management , Consultant, Business Development Manager,Project Manager a Conversation

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  • Location: Castellon/Castellon, Spain
  • TimeZone: GMT+0200
  • Languages: English, Italian, French, Catalan


Dear Sirs ,

Attracted by his project and feeling me qualified for it, be for my previous business, professional activity as for the experience acquired along the multiple trips and periods of residence about the world.

I can contribute my knowledge on

- control of Production ,

- implementation quality standards ,(strategy & policies)

- operational control and assurance processes

- responsible for product safety to ensure quality performance of products in compliance with standards as well as brand and customer requirements

- hands on experience in business development for the industrial products

- develop strategies and policies for product assessment in relation to technical performance

- identify technical issues and conduct risk assessments to facilitate merchandising in decision making process

- experience in managing programs designed to build vendor capability and capacity to execute QA requirements

- experience having worked in a factory environment

- skill to plan and to organize team work ,

- coordination multidisciplinary operational team work ,

- recruitment job experience ,

- manage all quality functions to support the business operations and all sourcing activities

- ability to coach, develop and motivate a team

- excellent communication skills and able to work independently

- analysis and commercial control / economic ,

- creation of Strategy ,

- with responsibility to provide outsourcing under international experience

- implementation of innovations/solutions Ad Hoc


INTERNATIONAL OUTSOURCING 01/2005- Company= Fritker &Technical Assistance,S.L (Castellón)(Spain) Occupation : Chief Executive Operations Work Place: Shanghai-China Acting as Key Account Manager .

WORK EXPERIENCE SANITARY WARE FIELD / SOLAR ENERGY PHOTOVOLTAIC / OUTSOURCING 01/2005- Company= Fritker &Technical Assistance,S.L (Castellón)(Spain) Occupation : Chief Executive Operations Work Place: Shanghai-China Acting as Key Account Manager . 01/2000-01/2005. Company =Color Esmalt S.L. (Castellon)(Spain) Occupation : Export Area Manager Work Place: Castellón I was handling Projects in: Indonesia y Malasia. 01/1990-08/1999.Company:Fritta,S.L. (Castellon)(Spain) Occupation : Export Area manager Work Place: ASIA ZONE I was handling several Projects for 9 years on the following Countries: Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia ,Vietnam ,Philippines ,Japan ,Korea and China 10/1982-12/1989. Company : Cover,S.R.L. (Altopascio-LU)(Italian Company) Occupation : Export Manager Work Place: Altopascio.(Italy) Work Place : Hong Kong.(UK) I was handling several Projects for seven years on the following Countries: Argentina ,Uruguay ,Venezuela ,Costa Rica ,Panamá ,Canadá , South Africa , Portugal ,England Holland , Finland , Germany , Switzerland , France , Italy , Greece , Morocco , Tunisia , Turkey , Israel , Hong Kong and Australia 11/1979-10/1982. Company:Selius- Colorobbia ,S.R.L. Sassuolo (Montelupo Fiorentino)(Italian Company) Occupation : Technical Assistance Area Manager Work Place : Köln (Germany) To provide technical assistance to Customers and for three years. CERAMIC FIELD 01/1976-10/1979 .Company: Fanciullacci Iberica, S.L. Occupation : Ceramic technician Work Place : Castellón.(Spain) Introduction to the Ceramic Field .Glazes ,Colours Stains , Designs and I+D PERIOD: HOTEL BUSINESS 01/12/1973-01/12/1975.Recepcionist. Hotel Semíramis. (Pto de la Cruz-Tenerife) Front office task..


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