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* The Eye of The Storm

With more than a decade of experience seeking out challenging projects around the world, I am not your typical coder for hire. I specialize in solving crises.

Whether it’s budget constraints, tight deadlines, technical difficulties or all three, when you don’t know how to move a project forward it is time to bring your problems to me.

When I take on a project I accept full ownership, becoming the point of contact for everyone involved. Senior management will find that while I keep them updated on our progress, there is no need for micromanaging. Taking dysfunctional projects off your plate is the reason for hiring me in the first place.

* A Part of The Team

Although I will become the point man for your project, ego has no place at the table. Whether I’m wearing a hardhat on the factory floor or a suit in the conference room, I believe in treating every member of the team with respect. After all, being a prima donna makes it harder to get work done, and my only goal is to solve your problems.

When you hire me you also benefit from a network of top level professionals, from hardware specialists to graphic designers. If there is ever a need to bring more people on board, I always know just the person to call.

* A History of Success

A broad skill set allows me to take a holistic approach, managing every aspect of a complex project. When a carpet manufacturer wanted to upgrade their looms without buying new ones, I led the technicians in retrofitting the looms, guided their software developers in creating a new interface and trained employees in its use. Being there at each step guaranteed that their clients didn’t notice anything more than the company’s improved productivity.

Of course a job doesn’t have to be time-consuming to be important. When one of my clients wanted to make a minor change to in the production process for one of their product lines, they discovered that the firm that had written the original control program was out of business and my client didn’t know how to work with the original program. I was able to analyze, modify and test the source code according to their specifications in a single day. This small job made it unnecessary to develop a new control system from scratch and kept production on schedule.

* Always Discreet

I understand that information is a competitive edge and I take your intellectual property rights seriously. I will happily sign an NDA if asked. In such cases, not only will your projects stay off my website, I won’t discuss them with colleagues, friends, family, no one. Your privacy matters to me.

* On-Call WorldWide

Although I primarily work in central Europe, I have traveled as far as Sri Lanka to tackle challenges that were too interesting to turn down. My recent projects have centered on factory automation and systems engineering from the software side, but I will take any job that provides an interesting challenge.

I don’t work with every client who comes along, but when I find a good match I like to maintain a good business relationship. The majority of my business comes from repeat customers who bring me in during those do-or-die periods when everything has to go right.

If you want to hear more about my consulting style, I would be happy to put you in touch with some of my regular clients.

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