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Biography for Martin Dirks

Martin Dirks has many years of experience as a securities analyst, portfolio manager and hedge fund operations manager. He has managed large portfolios of publicly traded equities.

Since 1989, Mr. Dirks has researched both long and short investments. As a short seller, Mr. Dirks has researched and uncovered many fraudulent companies prior to the fraud becoming publicly disclosed. He specializes in the investigation, detection and quantification of financial reporting fraud and asset misappropriations.

Mr. Dirks also has expertise in complex data analysis and financial modeling. He has designed and developed various financial modeling tools to illustrate complex financial concepts in a visual, intuitive manner. This is especially useful to communicate complex financial concepts to people with non-financial backgrounds.

His business valuation expertise is based in actual investment experience from managing real portfolios of publicly traded securities, over $800 million in size, and making all transaction decisions personally. In addition, he has valued private companies for real purchases, where his analysis determined whether or not the transaction was made His expertise is also solidly based in financial theory; he is an Adjunct Professor at Golden Gate University.

Mr. Dirks' educational background includes a BS in Physics, an MBA from Harvard Business School and numerous graduate and professional development courses.

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