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Experience specialist in the all garments processing


Garments process Professional, Washing, Dyeing, Machinery, textile, cloths a Conversation

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  • World, Greece
  • Greek, English, Serbo-Croatian, Bulgarian


Garments Process Professional, Washing, Dyeing, Special Effect, Machinery, Global Textile Consulting


- Since 1983, experienced specialist in the all the production process steps. I am a excellent Garment specialist with the sensibility of processes and economy. My strength is the Experience, Knowledge and know-how about selecting and development of fabrics and garments. Knowledge and experience in washing, dyeing, (direct, reactive, pigment & cold pigment, acid, sulfur etc), special effects, handmade treatments, new fashion, application of customers ideas in bulk production, quality control before and after processing, professional training of workers, controlling of cost, machinery, supporting and consulting.

- Continuous and uninterrupted information and improvement in all new fashion trends, new techniques, the all newest quality standards, by focusing in quality, economy and approval from any lad testing: PH ISO, Eco and Sustainability, the newest ecology standards and everything new, when it will come in global market. All these by as simple as possible applications in production.

- Activity in several countries around the globe.

- Activity in several trade names, around the globe.

- Languages: English, Greek, Bulgarian, Serbian, Croatian.

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