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Over 25 years of military intelligence analyst and subject matter expert.


Senior Military Intelligence Analyst with 25+ years experience at the Central Intelligence Agency, Missile Defense Agency, and Office of the Secretary of Defense in all-source military intelligence analysis, J-9 research and analysis, and Exercise/War Game Support. Partner in real estate investment LLC – responsible for government relations, investment, management, quality control, financing.

• Subject matter expert in all source military intelligence, combined-arms military campaign modeling, force planning, threat analysis

• 15 years of experience participating in Red Team analysis, planning and execution


Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization, Department of Defense January 2013 – Current Senior Threat Analyst (Future Point Systems contractor)
• Current intelligence support in countering Improvised Explosive Devices in the Counter-IED Operations Integration Center.

Office of the Secretary of Defense, Directorate of Administration and Management,
Office of Management and Planning Senior Intelligence Policy Analyst
June 2008 to September 2012 (SAIC contractor)
• Analyzed military intelligence policy for organizational efficiency and non-duplication and for legal, legislative, and regulatory compliance as direct support/report to a Senior Executive Service official.
• Drafted, analyzed and coordinated DoD regulations for the Directorate for Administration and Management (DA&M) on military intelligence-, space-, and security-related matters (DIA, NSA/CSS, Service Intelligence Components) and DoD cooperation & liaison with DHS, DNI, FBI, CIA, DEA and all other non-DoD USG entities with intelligence roles), as well as proposing and formulating DA&M positions on other intra-DoD military intelligence issues.
Missile Defense Agency, Arlington, VA Senior Threat Analyst
November 1996 to June 2008 (SPARTA contractor)
All-source analysis of threat ballistic and cruise missile nuclear and conventional capabilities, and the doctrine, strategy, tactics, and resupply/sustainability of key threat countries – mainly North Korea, Iran, and Iraq, among others.
• Wargame and exercise design, execution support, participation and evaluation for the Missile Defense Agency in Arlington, VA and regular deployments to the Missile Defense Integration and Operations Center, Schriever AFB, CO in support of exercises such as ULCHI FOCUS LENS for the execution and subsequent operational evaluation and trend analysis of air- and missile-defense exercises to train US military personnel, and war games using the SWA-N, SWA-S, and NEA-II scenarios to plan future US procurement and force deployments for various contingencies or scenarios.
• Modeling/forecasting blue- and red-force communications and force placement, and blue and red tactics, techniques and procedures and weapons capabilities.
• Drafting current-intelligence and long-term threat analysis documents (missile system and country missile force studies) combining military intelligence reports and engineering studies. Performed threat analysis for ballistic missile defense design, evaluation, and procurement, forecasting orders of battle and capabilities of various systems.
• Threat missile defense countermeasures and intelligence analysis force projections, penetration aids, targets, tactics, doctrine, logistics and salvo launch and reconstitution capabilities for all current threat countries ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, and manned aircraft.
• Assisted in developing and drafting contract bids for employer (SPARTA, Inc.)

Central Intelligence Agency All Source Military Intelligence Analyst 1985 to 1996
• Office of Slavic and Eurasian Affairs, Military Issues Group 1991-1996.
o Similar all-source analysis as above, but with additional analysis of the dismantling of former Soviet forces, morale/unit cohesion analysis, tracking of nuclear and other weapons back from former Soviet/Warsaw Pact areas to the Russian core.
• Multiple deployments for Exercise/War Game participation/support as part of the “Red Team” (opposition force) at several US Army War College and US Navy War College war games and in support of ABLE ARCHER/REFORGER NATO reinforcement exercises, representing Soviet/Warsaw Pact and other threat countries at Ramstein AFB, Germany.
• On-site Intelligence support, U.S. delegation to CFE arms control talks, Vienna, Austria, JAN-FEB 1990.
• Current intelligence military analysis during the Bosnian war 1994-1995.
All-source intelligence analysis of Soviet, Warsaw Pact, Russian, Iraqi and post-Yugoslavia military forces and operations.
• Office of Soviet Analysis, Theater Forces Division, Air Operations Branch 1985-1990 – study of the Soviet and Warsaw Pact tactical air forces nuclear and conventional capabilities, strategy, tactics, and resupply/sustainability.
• modeling the effectiveness of Warsaw Pact offensive air support and interdiction campaigns against NATO forces and infrastructure, and forecasts of Soviet, Russian, and former Yugoslav military plans, defense policy, doctrine, and procurement; force-on-force and net assessment analysis of NATO-Warsaw Pact campaigns.
• Drafting, coordinating, and briefing on numerous analytical products, trend analyses, operations-research-based net assessments of Warsaw Pact/NATO capabilities.
• Modeling Warsaw Pact forces’ sustainability against NATO air interdiction and counterair campaigns.
o Within this assignment, rotation to Soviet Desk of the CIA Operations Center (Watch Office) 1986-1987: all-source current intelligence integration and reporting on all aspects of Soviet and Warsaw Pact military, and all other developments.
o Also within this assignment, emergency rotation/augmentation of all-source current intelligence military analysis (operational and tactical) on Iraqi forces during 1990-1991 Kuwait liberation


Harvard University: Master of Public Admin., National Security Studies 1984
Program in military and diplomatic affairs, economics, and analytic methodologies; focused on national security policy-making, operations research in defense budgeting, weapons evaluation and procurement, and policy analysis applicable to both foreign and military policy analysis. Extensive coursework at Harvard's Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, the Kennedy School of Government, MIT, and Tufts University's Fletcher School. Thesis: Role of Soviet Frontal Aviation in Escalation Dominance under William Kaufmann (MIT).

University of Chicago Bachelor of Arts International Relations 1981
Focus on international relations and foreign affairs--began taking graduate-level courses as a second-year undergraduate, with secondary work in economics, history, and policy-research methodologies. Also completed Chicago's extensive core curriculum, including Western literature, Western and non-Western civilization, hard sciences, and the humanities.
BA honors thesis "Ballistic Missile Defense in a Saline Environment" under Albert Wohlstetter,
advocated the utility of BMD under SALT arms limits. This predates the 1983 Strategic Defense Initiative.
Other Professional Training
• CIA Military Analysis Course 240 hours
• DIA Foreign Weapons Familiarization, Aberdeen Proving Ground 40 hours
• Nuclear Weapons Effects Course, Department of Energy, Sandia Laboratory 40 hours
• CIA Defense Industry Analysis Course 160 hours
• Conventional Forces in Europe (CFE) Talks Orientation Course, State Dept 40 hours
• Iraq Military Familiarization Course, DIA. Bolling AFB 80 hours
• CFE On-Site Inspectors’ Course, DIA. Bolling AFB 120 hours

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