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Principal Consultant

Shift Focus

Public, government and media relations; political consultant a Conversation

Areas of Expertise

  • Western Australia, Australia
  • English


Broadcaster, journalist, PR & political consultant with media and agency management experience.


Over 20 years senior level public, government and media relations experience, for clients ranging from large corporations to NGOs, NFPs and political parties. Political consultant specialising in Australasia and the Pacific, but with experience also in northern hemisphere campaigns. Writer, editor and broadcaster (TV and radio).


Principal Consultant, Shift Focus - public, media and government communications and political consulting.
State Director, Western Australia at Civil Liberties Australia.

Communications Manager at Australian Education Union (AEU) WA
Executive Producer at Channel 31 Television, Perth WA
Director at Polemic Corporation Limited, Wellington NZ
Communications Director, NZ First (NZ Parliament), Wellington NZ


APR (Accredited Public Relations, PRINZ (2000)
Postgraduate Diploma of Communications, Victoria University of Wellington (1987)

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