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Marketing and Sales in the Healthcare Space a Conversation

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Seasoned professional and consultant with over 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostics arena. I specialize in marketing and sales and am comfortable with hard science and finance. My MBA was in Marketing, with a minor in Healthcare. I am a member of the Medical Industry Leadership Institute (MILI) at the Carlson School of Management/University of Minnesota.

I started my career immediately after college with The Upjohn Pharmaceutical Company in a sales territory in Brooklyn and Queens, NY and quickly became a top sales person, using the medical literature vs. sales aids. I was promoted to hospital rep in Brooklyn, then at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center. I had several drugs put on formulary. After a brief stint as a Health Science Associate, I was promoted to District Sales Manager in Queens, NY.

After two years, I was recruited by Curatek Pharmaceuticals to be a regional sales manager for a women’s health care product. I was in charge of all sales from Maine through Virginia and was the lead for Managed Care and City, State, and County Health Departments. I led a team that included a medical relations associate who ran the medical education effort. After four years, 3M Pharmaceuticals bought Curatek's only drug and I became a sales manager for them in the same states.I won Manager of the Year for two straight years (the second time I was ineligible for the trip because I accepted a promotion to manage the MRAs who reported directly into headquarters). It was in this position that I developed a database and spreadsheet to track MRA (similar to MSLs) activities and effectiveness. I held several marketing positions afterwards, including National Women's Health Med Ed Mgr., Marketing Research Manager, Project Manager and e-Productivity Manager. When 3M sold the Pharma division, I went to Medtronic to lead the commercialization effort of a new deep brain stimulation pulse generator. I was recruited to Empi as Sr. Brand Manager to launch their new product for iontophoresis. After a management change, all senior management and most marketers were laid off. I took a position as Director of Marketing at NeuroScience, Inc., where I was in charge of the entire marketing function. I reversed a product revenue decline and increased prices on products and tests. I instituted several processes and goal was surpassed. In several positions, I had P&L, direct report, and budget responsibility. NeuroScience, Inc. is now trying to sell the company; I consulted for six months and have had 5 more consulting projects to date in pharma and devices.

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