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 APA rules and conventions for journal articles - 2021 Guide


Most of the instructors have a specific portion of marks for references. When your instructor asked to use published journals in your paper, then essay writer should only add those journals and avoid other sources. Today I will be telling you about the APA 7th edition rules for journal articles. Read them carefully and create references according.

To make your work credible, it’s a good practice to cite the source you have used in your paper. References and in-text citations in APA 7 edition have special conventions that should not be ignored. The essay writing service also publishes blogs on the citation for the journal article. You can learn from there but also check this work. Let’s see how to use the source within the text and mention it in the bibliographic list.

Rules for in-text citation and reference list

For a single author, you will add the author surname along with the date in brackets while rephrasing. If you are using a direct quote, surname and year will be in brackets separated by a comma along with page number.

Whenever you are composing a reference list for a journal article, you should add the author's surname first. Then mention the date of publication in round brackets. Next, write down the article and journal name in italic form, the volume of the journal (italicized), and the journal issue number. Page numbers of the journal where the article was found will also be written in the reference. Then add URL or DOI. Remember that in APA format, you will indent the second line of every citation.



Single author

Intext citation: (Smith, 2008) or Smith (2008)

Reference list: Smith, K. (2008).role of mitochondria in the body. Journal of behavioral science, 43(2), 55-64.

2 authors

For two authors, mention the surname of both authors separated by “and or &”. For closed citation “&” will be used and for open citation “and” will be used

In-text citation: (Harry & Mehmud, 2013) or Harry and Mahmud (2016).

Reference list: Harry, D. J., & Mahmud, M. (2013). Mindfulness and breathing therapies: A new paradigm shift. Psychological Reports, 66(17), 108-137.

3 to 20 authors

When there are three plus authors but less than 20 authors, you will use the et al rule in the citation. Write the last name of the author by using et al. rule and date of publication. Write the name of all the authors in the references section otherwise consult essay writer free online.

In-text citation: (Jones et al., 2020) or Jones et al. (2020)

Reference list: Jones, S., Lauva, M., & Kelin, K. (2020). Reconstructing compassion: Should it be taught as part of the curriculum?  Journal of Nursing, 45(38), 876-899.

More than 21 authors

For more than 20 authors, write the name of all the authors except the last one. Use an ellipse instead of & and lastly add the name of the last author 

Intext: Olze et al. (2015) or (Olze et al., 2015.p. 67)

Reference list: Olze, A., Huynh, T. M. T., Joish, V. N., Mannent, L. P., Alobid, I.,  Vandeplas, G.,  Tomassen P., van Zele, T., Fokkens, W.,  Cardell, L.O., Arebro, J., Olze, H., Mullol, J., Forster-Ruhrmann, U., Kowalski, M. L., Olszewska-Ziaber, A., van Drunen, Hox, V.,  C., Hellings, P.W.,…Bachert, C. (2015).  health-related quality of life of Americans. Journal of Rhinology, 87(15), 743-851.

Once you have completely gone through the text, you need to practice the APA style for journal referencing. It’s necessary as your grades are dependent on it . But no worries, if you don’t learn on the first go. You can contact the essay writer service and provide them your draft along with the links to your sources, they will make your references in APA.