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K Advisers Oy (Ltd)

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  • Finland
  • Finnish, English, French, Swedish


My background as a senior executive is in international telecom sector.

My experience covers:

- Strategy planning including mergers and acquisitions

- Management of multinational organisation

- International sales and customer projects

- Mobile Value Added Services and (prepaid) billing systems

I also have strong technological background in ICT sector, especially data communication.


K Advisers Oy, Managing Partner and Owner, 1 year, Management Consulting company working especially in ICT sector, areas: strategy planning, product management and marketing, agent services for hardware and software products, support in M&A process and support for going to international markets.

Tecnomen Corporation (Plc.) (Tecnotree nowadays), titles for example, Director Business Development, Director IN and PMR Products etc. member of management board, 13 years.


Helsinki Institute of Technology, BSc. in EE. 1986.

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