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Mr. Unnikrishnan completed Post Graduation Degree Program, with MBA & Electronic Commerce from an Asian Business School. He primarily worked with a Canadian International Trade firm and later on with Johnson and Johnson Medical, Analytics Division for the Asia Pacific Region. He assumed senior responsibility with ENETEK S.A.R.L., and is heading Operations & Business Development in the Supply Chain & Analytics Division for Asia-Pacific and Middle-East and based out of Pune, India. The Organization is HQ in France with Branch offices in Turkey & India and deals in the Management & Supply Chain Consultancy & Financial Investments Consultancy. He is also a part of the Management Team of Orcades Commodities SA, Geneva, Switzerland based firm which is into Financial Investments & Energy Pricing Consultancy.

In mid 2010, he went on to form his own Business Consulting firm named UZZI Business Consulting LLP based out of Pune, India with Regional offices in Paris, France and Istanbul, Turkey.

Unnikrishnan, is an expert energizing professional, who has lead several MNC Organizations in Medical Device, Pharma, Port Operators to Steel Co. And Automotive sectors to higher levels of performance & Customer Satisfaction in the Logistics & SCM Sector, by using his extensive Global Exposure & Qualifications in Supply Chain, International Business, and other Corporate functions for developing & implementing the right IT- driven Supply Chain Breakthrough Strategies.

He has worked in various projects related to International Business, Logistics & SCM, E-Logistics etc., and has evolved & establish Logistics & SCM systems leading to better Customer experience & Operational excellence.Moreover, I was brought up and lived in Yemen Arab Republic worked in Romania and Turkey and I am aware of the cultures, tradition and way of life.

He has a strong desire to serve the esteemed Organizations with all his Intellect & determination. And be challenged to utilize his skills & qualifications. His academic knowledge would be appropriate for a companies looking at Corporate functions to develop Breakthrough Strategies.

A visionary and serial entrepreneur with verifiable years of success achieving revenue, profit and business growth objectives within start-up, turnaround & rapid-change environments in diverse sectors.

Extensive experience in setting up & managing business operations leading to Commercial & Supply Chain Operational Excellence with deep understanding of critical business drivers in multiple markets & Industries.

Highly successful in building relationships with Middle/Upper- Level decision makers/Key Stakeholders and business partners.

My Technical understanding with management perspective would help the organization in adopting & implementing the right Supply Chain & Logistics-Transformation driven Business Strategies.

I have worked in various projects related to Supply Chain Optimization & Simulation, GPS, E-Logistics, E-Payment, RFID etc. I can evolve & establish Logistics & SCM systems.

I would like to be a part of the Team that works on the principles of Professionalism, dynamism, co-ordination and a mixture of Independent & Collective responsibilities. I am on the look out for a Challenging & Long-term Consulting opportunities in a Congenial Working Environment.

He has a passion for driving to the Next Generation of Virtual, Intelligence-based, Customer Driven Supply Chain.

You can contact him on Zintro Profile : Unni Krishnan or unnilogistics (at) gmail (.) com

Looking forward to talking to you all soon

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VP – Biz. Development & Operations (Asia-Pacific & Middle-East)
ENETEK S.A.R.L – France (Business Consulting) (Verticals Team Size 25)
Job Description (Business Consulting)
Assets optimization
•Retained Cash Flow reduction: “Range of products” optimization, increase of delayed customization, and optimization of distribution and production flows to reduce stocks and associated retained capital.
•Renegotiation & Resourcing Strategy for customers and suppliers for payments terms when applicable without downgraded relationships & implementation.
•Optimization of the production capacity / invested capital ratio: Capacities analysis in term of bottlenecks, level of technicality, flexibility and localization of rigid and flexible units.
•Reduction of assets financing needs and production costs: Make, Buy, Lease or Outsource analysis for specific CAPEX and/or complete production processes.
•Optimization of the distribution and associated infrastructure & review of specifications of procurement techniques associated with investments to optimize the Total Cost of Ownership.
•Reduction of investment costs: Redesign To Cost/Performance & Flexibility of specific machineries purchased on company specification, and using of standard machines.
•Reduction of OPEX costs (energy, maintenance, spare parts): study of investments to be financed by third parties, invoicing a service contract with transfer of the asset to the company after a certain period, enabling a reduction of the OPEX costs of the company as soon as the investment is made without the boundary of fitting CAPEX budgets.

Key Result Area’s:
•Strategic Interface: Work as a member of the Executive Team to develop organizational strategy
•Research & Analysis to garner Business Insights, resource allocation, Project deadlines
•People Mgt.: Manage, coach and support direct reports and monitor development of the team
•Consulting hours generating Revenue, Project Budget Overruns, Cost of Services, Realizations

General Manager – Operations and PMO (Asia-Pacific & Middle-East) (Vertical Team Size 15)
Products & Services Competitiveness
•Range of products optimization considering “costs” and “marketing”
•Benchmarking of competitors products & services (Performances, solutions, costs structures)
•Value Analysis and Redesign To Cost of products and services
•Integration of strategic suppliers in a cost reduction program as source of ideas
•Optimization of direct purchasing with cost structures and traditional procurement levers :
•Rationalization of specifications & Consolidation of volumes.
•Renegotiation of contracts and Restructuring of relationships with suppliers.
•Redesign of the value chain and optimization of the distribution and production processes
•Optimization of the industrial structure : outsourcing, in sourcing, relocation of the value added
•Optimization of logistic flows and stocks at suppliers, in production and in distribution.

Internal Support Optimization: Indirect purchasing budgets reduction
To optimize indirect purchasing budgets, these programs were included, depending on needs:
•Demand reduction of business services, IT & Telecom services.
•The audit and the benchmarking of KPIs and ratios referring to budgets, manpower and performances of support functions and indirect purchasing budgets, to compare them with peer’s best practices.
•The optimization of functions performance, especially for the purchasing department.

01.) Reduction by 14 % of the overall cost of displays (Dashboard) by optimizing diversity within the range of products for a German Car Mfg. giant.
02.) Reduction by 54% of the cost of a machine for an Automotive Tyre Mfg. subcontractor (Michelin) (20 units 1M€ each to be installed in 20 factories over the world).
03.) Reduction by 35 % of the cost of a complete range of products representing 80% of turnover for a SME Automotive subcontractor.

Sr. DISTRIBUTION ANALYST – Asia Pacific Region (Team Size 60)
Johnson & Johnson Medical – Asia Pacific (Nov. 2006 – Oct. 2008)

Job Description
01.) Operations & Control of the Regional Distribution Center at Singapore (J&J Medical), with Schenker’s Team assisting in Freight Forwarding activities.
02.) Communicating with the Regional Planning Team, Business Analytics, IM & FA.
03.) Coordinating with the Source/Supplier Co.’s & the Regional Distribution Center & Country Warehousing Units for all Franchises/Products in Asia Pacific Region.
04.) Analyzing Cost cutting Strategies in Transportation, Consolidation of Shipments, and Warehousing through Network Optimization & Simulation of Supply Chain/Logistics.
05.) Understanding the Complex Distribution Networks for Thousands of Shipments across 14 Countries(ASPAC), 1000+ Trade Lanes, Air Freight Costs, Inventory Carrying Costs, Physical Storage Locations, Supply Lead-Time, Quality of Delivery (Regional level).
06.) Understand the existing Asia Pacific Supply Chain Distribution Operations & Optimize the Distribution Cost by identifying areas of significant Opportunities.
07.) Focus on Inbound Shipments across all Franchises in MD&D from Source to Country Distribution Centers & direct to Customers & other Integration Strategies.
08.) Investigating the Distribution Performance by activity Profiling & Data Mining, Customer Activity Profile, Supply Activity Profile, Warehouse Activity Profile.
09.) Evolve ASPAC Distribution Strategy by analyzing different Distribution Network Models, role of Regional Distribution Center & Country Distribution Centers.
10.) Evaluate options of Cross- Franchise RDC & the Country & Product Coverage, Operational efficiencies & Inbound Freight Lanes into & Intra ASPAC Region.


1.) Master In–Electronic–Business – (2005) and
2.) Bachelor of Commerce.
3.) Post Graduate in Sea Port Management and Development (pursuing)

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