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Certified Professional Consultant & The Web Professor of Global Management(SM)

SEMI Online & Royal Roads University, Canada

Research/Data Mining, Online Consulting & Teaching/Training a Conversation

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  • Canada
  • English, Russian, Polish, German, Spanish, Lithuanian




Dr. Val Samonis has worked "hands-on" with top policy reformers and business/economic leaders in many developed and emerging markets on several continents, e.g. 5 Nobel Laureates in Economics/Finance (as part of Stanford Economic Transition Group), Polish Central Banker Balcerowicz, Czech Deputy PM Mertlik, other top experts; lectured globally on economic policies (micro and macro), trade, investment/finance, corporate governance & finance, other business reform issues in the knowledge economy; and has been extensively published (list of publications is over 30 pages). He managed and/or worked in international research and advisory ("blue ribbon") teams sponsored by the World Bank, USAID, Hudson Institute, CASE Warsaw, African Capacity Building Foundation, Joint Committee on Corporate Governance (Canada), and a number of governments, e.g. in Baltic States, Scandinavia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Poland, Canada, etc. Dr. Samonis served as an advisor to the Czech Government, the Lithuanian Government and Parliament, international organizations (e.g. UNCTAD, WTO, ICT), and multinational corporations (e.g. Andersen Consulting, Medley Global Advisors, CARE). Prof. Samonis has been teaching online, onsite, and dual-mode courses in Transnational Management, Frontiers in East-West Business & Emerging Markets, Economics/Finance, Strategies for Policy Reform, International Business, Corporate Governance and Finance, as well as supervising graduate (MBA, MA, PhD/DBA) students at the University of Toronto, University of Maryland, The Center for European Integration Studies (Germany), Royal Roads University (Canada), Vilnius University, Warsaw School of Economics, and other institutions. Dr. Samonis is one of the two founding editors of the Journal of East-West Business (Routledge); serves on boards of other top biz/econ journals, e.g. on China/Asia, for example Transnational Corporations Review & digital technology journals, e.g. International Journal of Edu & Development Using ICT.


The Web Professor of Global Management(SM), at a couple of North American and European institutions; Guiding Editor, The Transnational Corporations Review (Ottawa-Beijing).

Over 30 years of global experience on four continents.


Educated in the USA, UK, Canada, Singapore, and Poland; "Hands-On" experiential integrative learning on many international expert "blue ribbon" commissions, other practical management assignments.

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