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Writing an Abstract for Your Research Paper


Elements of a Good Abstract:

To write an effective abstract, you have to follow the following steps:

A good abstract should consist of the following elements. They are:

  1. Introduction to What You Will Write

It is always advisable to provide your reader with some background information about your topic, if required. Introduction provides details about the arguments and what your work will be based on. It also states reason for writing this as well as scope and limitation or if it has any other significance in write my essay to existing work. In addition, the introduction paragraph can also include different hypothesis that may help to solve a problem regarding an experiment you are conducting or a subject that comes under investigation. The purpose of this section is not just to guide your readers about the paper but it also builds up the curiosity among them to read further.

  1. Problem Statement and its Significance

In this paragraph, you should make clear mention of the problem statement that can help to solve a particular issue and also demonstrate how it will add value to lives or researches in future. It is crucial for your readers to know why researchers are interested in solving that problem at present so they can understand what their need is. In addition, you should explain how the given issue can be linked with different fields of study such as arts, engineering, natural essay writer or social sciences. This section helps the reader to understand whether there may have been any previous research conducted on a similar topic which eventually failed or succeeded.

  1. Scope and Limitations

In this section, you should state whether your study is just based on limited data or not. Moreover, you have to make clear mention that it is connected to a particular field only or can be applied in different fields as well. It might also be useful for the readers if they know what information you are going to collect but you should avoid making any empty promises in writing. You may also use this paragraph to explain whether there will be any ethical issues related with your paper or not. Or if the topic is original then why researchers are using it for the first time? And if there is anything else that needs clarification from reader’s point of view regarding your objective then what is it?

  1. Method and Procedure

This section provides more details about the essay writing service methodology that you will use to solve the problem statement presented in your thesis or dissertation. You should clearly explain the procedure of working with data and what tools are going to be used for collecting primary as well as secondary information. In this paragraph, you may include different stages of investigation such as sample collection, experiment setting, designing hypothesis etc. However, you should avoid using any complicated terminology while explaining each step because uninformed readers might not understand them properly at a single glance.

  1. Results and Analysis

In this part of your abstract writing example, you should present results from experiments conducted by a particular group or an individual after applying all the methods and tools. It can also include a further interpretation of experiments that are already conducted by other researchers including their flaws. Here, you may mention the significance of your results or may compare them with previous work if needed and whatever else helps to build up credibility of your study before reader’s eyes.

  1. Discussion and Conclusion

In this paragraph, you should highlight what different aspects of research paper are most striking for you write my paper as well as for readers in general so they can derive more information from it. You should clearly explain how your work will be beneficial for others after reading it or whether there is any new concept involved which will help to solve an ongoing problem or not. In addition, you should state clearly how future studies can be conducted in order to make the research paper more valid and reliable. This is an occasion when you can suggest future researchers whether they should follow same procedure or may take up another alternative method in their work.

Make sure to check your abstract draft once again before giving it for review as it will allow readers to understand what exactly your main idea of research is and how you intend to solve a particular issue. If needed, then you may also include other sections such as Introduction, Literature Review, References etc which are necessary for understanding the big picture of your thesis or dissertation study but these sections do not affect its distribution as much as Abstract does. You should always keep in mind that making an effective abstract requires enough planning beforehand so don’t try to paper writing service it!