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  • Location: USA, United States
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42 years of experience as an expert in forensic reconstruction of insurance transactions, specializing in policy interpretation of the rules, laws and regulations governing insurance and financial matters. Insurance expert involving all forms of insurance, life, health, disability, annuities, flood, retirement planning, IRA's, pensions, profit sharing, group coverage, self-insurance, property and casualty. All financial planning and investments.

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CEO CMC Advisors Inc. Insurance Expert & Financial Consultant 42 years

My distinguished career includes being a consultant to well known, high net worth individuals. Consultant to various law, accounting and small business investment companies (SBIC) on insurance and securities matters. Consultant to Mr. Michael Berkley, Esquire. Consultant to Mr. Jay M. Zerin, Esquire, Senior Partner Zerin & Cooper, LLP. Consultant to Ms. Cynthia Brown, Ph.D., Esquire, Law Professor Western Carolina University and University of Central Florida. Consultant to Ms. Linda Sue Garrett, Director Louisiana Bar Foundation and Treasurer, Julia Place Condominium Association Consultant to The Honorable John Marchi, New York State Senator on insurance law and regulations. Consultant to The Honorable Robert Straniere, New York State Congressman on insurance law and regulations. Consultant to Ms. Sally Nungasser, Insurance Commissioner Candidate, State of Louisiana. Consultant to The Honorable Ira Cooper, Justice of the Supreme Court of the State of New York. Consultant to The Honorable Brenda Brewer, Councilwoman, Fort Myers, Florida. Consultant to Mr. Dennis J. Drasco, Esquire, Partner at Lum, Drasco & Positan LLC. Consultant to Mr. Kevin J. O’Connor, Attorney Consultant to Mr. Dennis Oury, Esquire Consultant to Mr. Jared T. Hay, Esquire Consultant to Mr. Jesse Gage, Attorney Consultant to Ms. Dianna McCarthy, Attorney Consultant to Ms. Ellish M. McLaughlin, Esquire Consultant to Ms. Maria Thomas, Attorney Consultant to Mr. Mark Silberblatt, Attorney Consultant to Mr. Lawrence Mann, Attorney Consultant to Mr. Brent M. Maggio, Esquire Consultant to Mr. William Tattan, General Counsel, Department of Industrial Accidents, State of Massachusetts. Consultant to Mr. Norman Mopsick, Esquire, Owner Norman Mopsick Pro Law. Consultant to Mr. Adam Glassman, Attorney, Owner The Glassman Law Group and Adjunct Professor Hunter College. Consultant to Mr. Michael Byme, Attorney, Senior Partner at Silverman Sclar Shin & Byme PLLC. Consultant to Mr. Randy Opotowsky, Attorney, Partner at The Steeg Law Firm, LLC. Consultant to Mr. Ronald E. Raney, Attorney Consultant to Mr. Charles “Chuck” L. Stern Jr., Attorney, Partner at The Steeg Law Firm, LLC. Consultant to Ms. Sarah Towler, Solicitor, London, England Consultant to Mr. Lance Ostendorf, Esquire, Senior Partner at Ostendorf, Tate, Barnett & Tagtmeyer, LLP Consultant to Mr. Nicolas Bagley, Esquire Consultant to Ms. Danielle C. Babashoff, Attorney Consultant to Mr. Ryan Wright, Attorney Consultant to Mr. Arthur Balsamo, Attorney, Owner Balsamo Law Firm. Consultant to Mr. David Barnett, Esquire, Partner at Ostendorf, Tate, Barnett & Tagtmeyer, LLP Consultant to Mr. Arthur Rosen, CPA Consultant to Mr. Douglas Gober Jr., CPA Consultant to Mr. Edward Teitelbaum, CPA Consultant to Mr. Barry Manilow, Entertainer Consultant to James Brown, Entertainer Consultant to Mr. James Foxworth, Senior Partner Sullivan & Cromwell, New York City, N.Y. Consultant to Mr. Martin D. Freeman, CLU Sr. Manager Prudential Insurance Company. Consultant to Ms. Mardy Sitzer, CEO Bumblebee Design & Marketing LLC. Consultant to Mr. James Brotherton, Senior VP Underwriting United States Life Insurance Company in the City of New York & American General Life Insurance Company of New York. Consultant to Mr. James Gatto, VP United States Life Insurance Company in the City of New York. Consultant to Ms. Sonny Henning, Insurance Specialist, President, One Stop Shopping Insurance. Consultant to Mr. Victor Novogrodzky, CEO Novell Inc. Consultant to Mr. John Bastone, CEO Bastone Insurance Agency. Consultant to Julia Place Condominium Association, Inc. New Orleans, La. Consultant to Ms. Iris Lurie, President Century 21, Mack Morris Realty. Consultant to Edward’s Capital Corporation, Small Business Investment Company, (SBIC). Consultant to Mr. James O’Neill, President RKO-TV, WOR-TV, Channel 9, New York, N.Y.


College of Insurance NYC & NYC Community College

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