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Why do you need to know how to write a paper?

First and foremost, the ability to write papers significantly improves your abstract thinking skills and your ability to analyse and synthesise information. Consequently, by composing works of reflection, you not only exercise your ability to express yourself coherently, transparently and thoroughly, but also strengthen and develop your critical thinking.

The paper your pupils write will also form the basis of their future success in exams.
This is why it is important for everyone, regardless of their chosen profession, to be able to write a piece of work. If you do not feel you have any talent for this activity, do not give up because this is where experience and training are more important than natural talent. Those seeking to improve their paper-writing skills should practise as often as possible. If necessary, you can engage an experienced tutor who can prompt and refine your written work.

Especially important are papers for those who plan to link their lives with texts, philosophy, philology or linguistics. It is this genre that will become an indispensable component and basic skill of the profession. The ability to make logical connections and to argue your own opinion is essential not only for your works, reviews or essays, but also for analyzing the outstanding works of other writers, poets, thinkers and artists. The ability to think coherently and logically is necessary for everyone. Writing a paper is an amazingly effective way to practice this skill.

The paper is therefore structured in three parts:

- The introduction introduces the thesis and the theme of the piece, which must be justified.

- The main part presents the arguments: relevant life stories or examples from art or history.

- The conclusion summarises the reflection, which may be rhetorical or questioning, but does not necessarily express a clear position.

Clear structure, logic, coherence and argumentation are a comprehensive list of requirements for a reflection paper. For everything else, the genre allows relative freedom of thought and creativity.