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The warm touch of her tongue and lips were heavenly. She was skilled at her craft, pumping my cock between her lips like she was born for it. I reached to touch her head, and she gently pushed my hand away. "No, no. Baby, this is for me as much as it is for you. I don't need guidance. Leave me to this delightful cock."

I took her advice and leaned back to close my eyes. In my mind, Lauren became mom, sucking my cock between her breasts. Then I imagined aunt Triny, bound and gagging on my dick. I pictured Elise licking my shaft while reading a book.

Then I pictured Annie, tenderly kissing my dick. My eyes opened quickly. I was still torn about Annie. I needed to focus. I was back in the present, with Lauren sucking my dick into unbelievable heights of pleasure.

Dad had watched from his desk, stroking himself with a smile. Looking at him, I could see that I'd definitely inherited my dick from him. He stood and walked to the couch. He pulled Lauren's hips up, and she never stopped sucking me as he lifted her skirt pulled her panties down.

Lauren groaned around my cock as inch after inch of dad's shaft disappeared into her cunt. She whimpered softly, as he stopped with the last few inches of his shaft to go. He withdrew and slid back into her again, this time slightly faster.