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I'm cooked lunch for us all, and while I was preparing supplies, they sat at the table, I noticed, Stefan looks to me in the chest, while I set up plates, and more. Then I fell to my mind, silly ideas, rather than put the bowl with soup on the table, I began to cuttlefish separately. And when I stood, next to Stefan, I have him back in the pouring plate, I see how it scans my tits, I intentionally, bent slightly forward.

Realize, I have deliberately provoked.

And what happened?

Wait, slowly, listen, tell you more.

Later in the evening we went to them, drinking, and while we sat at the table, I accidentally push the tray on the carpet, and Stefan the same time, it is bent up. And then, I had a short skirt, like this, and as he bent down, here beside me, I am the way, as if by chance, a few more legs crossed and see how he staring at my thighs, under the skirt. Since then, I began to provoke him, whenever I had the opportunity to do, so - said through laughter.