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I managed to control myself fairly well over the next week. It was torment during those times I suspected she was going at it, but I kept my distance and gave her the respect she deserved. I wasn’t able to keep my thoughts entirely in check, however. At night when I was trying to fall asleep I would imagine her humping away at her dildo in the next room. My cock would be hard in an instant and I had to jerk off to the sick images filling my head. I kept telling myself it was a passing phase and that things would go back to normal soon. And they might have if it wasn’t for my maddeningly uninhibited daughter.

I shuffled into the bathroom one morning and stopped dead in my tracks. Nicole’s dildo was lying there on the vanity next to the sink. Had she washed it and left it behind? Or had she been using it in here? It somehow looked bigger than I remembered. My heart thumped. That thing had been inside my daughter’s pussy. Many times. I couldn’t help but wonder what it smelled like. Maybe if she hadn’t washed it I could just take a little sniff. She would never–

Hey, Daddy, have you seen my dildo? Oops, there it is.” She brushed past me in her panties and bra and grabbed her toy. “Don’t want to lose you,” she said to it and gave it a kiss.

I hope you’re not bringing that thing to school with you,” I joked.

Not today,” she quipped back. Her eyes flicked downward for a quick second. She gave me one of her sly smiles and closed the bathroom door as she left.