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I introduced myself, and we walked downstairs towards one of the larger shower rooms. As we walked, the sperm on her tits ran down her stomach and made her look completely drenched. I asked her if her fantasy had been fun to perform.

Yes!" Kat said, her eyes shining. "Especially Michelle afterwards!" I found out that Michelle was the brunette at the table. Michelle and Kat had gone to another group room, and every guy came on them both, then they would find the bi-ladies and lick their pussies. "I'm just about to call it a night. How about you?"

I told her I was looking for my wife, and that perhaps we could buy her a drink, or dinner afterwards. Kat asked if my wife was bi, and I told her yes. Kat agreed to a drink or dinner, saying that she would like to have some "swinging" friends outside the club.

Just as we entered the hallway on the bottom floor, we saw a tall, dark haired woman enter the hallway, wearing high black boots, elbow length leather gloves, and nothing else. She had a petite blonde with her, walking on her knees into the hallway. The blonde was nude, save for a collar, and wide wrist cuffs. The blonde was tied with her hands behind her, and a leather strap ran between her legs from her cuffs to her collar. As we approached, the blonde's face glistened wetly, and her long hair was tousled. I recognized the tall mistress, as Mistress Karen, from our previous visits. I let my hand slide down Kat's ass, and I found her entrance as we still walked. She wriggled her butt and my fingers slid into her sopping pussy. I called out to Mistres Karen and introduced Kat.

Kat told her that she looked sexy, and that she (Kat) had always wanted to try a little B&D to see what it was about. Karen looked at me and then my cock.