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As Sally pushed herself down on his long shaft, Stan wiggled the butt plug around then spanked it gently over and over. Her young body responded perfectly. But she still wasn't able to swallow it. Stan pushed hard against the plug, “Are you ready for your next lesson?” Sally was imagining what would happen next. Her mind remembered their first lesson when Stan said she would have to be able to take his big dick in her ass. Her eyes rolled back and her jaw dropped. With that Stan's dick slid past her tight throat again. Her body shook with the thought and the realization that his dick was down her throat. For the second time. She slid herself past the halfway point and bobbed up and down with delight.

I think you're ready. Let's head to the bedroom.” Sally pulled off his dick reluctantly. Her mind was stuck on something as Stan urged her out of the living room. Stan kept his hand on the plug as he guided her hesitantly to the bedroom. “Are you sure this isn't cheating?” Stan wiggled the butt plug, “No. It's just practice. But we can stop if you don't want any more.” Sally's mind was still uncertain but her body didn't want it to stop. The sensations her body was feeling left her wanting more. The thought of Stan's big dick in her mouth just minutes ago made her swallow hard, “Maybe just a little more. For practice.”

When they got to the bedroom Stan pulled her in and kissed her deeply. He shook her bare ass cheeks and roughly squeezed them. Then he pulled her away and pointed to the bed, “Take your clothes off and get on the bed.” She slipped out of her clothes cautiously and sat on the edge. Stan looked back into her stare, “So to start with, do you want to show me how you put the plug in by yourself?” She slowly laid on her side and pulled one leg up slightly so her ass was easy to reach. Stan watched her young body as she stretched out.

She put her hand on it and pulled at it. Stan felt like a lucky man and took command, “Good. Now wiggle it around a little.” While she started playing with the plug Stan slowly got undressed and lubed up his big dick. She stared at it as she pressed on the plug. Sally watched his hand rub it up and down as she wiggles the plug in her ass to mimic the motion. Her mind was trying to reason with her body, 'We're doing this for Billy.' Her body just looked at Stan rubbing himself. His dick was so big, her hand pressed hard on the plug. Stan watched the expression on her face until he could see she was ready. Then he lay behind her.

He slid up next to her and his dick touched her bare butt cheek. Sally groaned holding firmly onto the plug. “Now take out the plug and put my dick in just like that.” “Ok, but don't cum in me. I don't want to get pregnant.” Stan said nothing but waited for Sally to pull the plug out and grab his stiff shaft. Then she guided it to her hole like a pro. Her mind echoed, 'Doing this for Billy.' She rubbed the head against her slick ass. She could no longer hide her eagerness. “Good. Now arch your back a little and try to stick it in just like the plug.” She did as instructed and felt the head stretching her tender eager hole even more. She pushed back a little more and the head popped in. 'Billy.'