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Meanwhile Hilary was inches away from the wrinkly anus she had been fingering! Poking her tongue out she made contact with dry crumpled skin. The tip of her tongue began tracing circles around his winking hole. He chuckled in reply “Ha-ha-haaa!” Your girl is one dirty little bitch!” He cried as he buried his face into Hilary’s crotch.

Hamish leapt up “Get the fuck OFF HER!!” he roared in anguish. At that moment two big security men stormed into the room. “Tut-tut! Remember our agreement? You may stay in the room as long as you know your place!” Hugo reminded Hamish as the two men forced him back upon the couch. “And if we have anymore little outbursts, these two gentlemen will have to stay here..” Hugo warned. The two security men looked greedily on at the hot young maiden on the bed. Hamish quickly fell back. He didn’t want any more men taking his girl. Hugo ushered the men out the room.

Now where were we?” Hugo turned back to the frightened girl on the bed. He flipped her over so her pert backside was presented to him in the air. Hugo crouched over her and tore her thong off in one sweep. His dick was probing, almost sniffing out her freshly shaven pussy. He pushed forth, parting her juicy lips with his juicy helmet. With a grunt he sunk his full long length deep inside her. Hilary gasped as Hugo started to pump her, he was pinning her down with his round belly against her back, his pubes tickled her firm buttocks as he thrust her.

Hamish’s trousers were now straining with the pressure of his hard erection. He just had to set it free! He unbuttoned his trousers and out popped his own clean shaven prick. He was stiffer than he had ever been, although he felt hurt, angry and upset and jealous. He was also unbearably horny over the sight of this rich old man pumping his beautiful girlfriend! He lay back pounding his rock solid willy, groaning in horny anguish. This seemed to spur Hugo on. He pulled out and flipped Hilary over. “Climb upon me” Hugo ordered. Hilary obeyed. Her pert bum straddled his large muscular thighs as she elegantly rode him. Her tits were so firm they barely wobbled as she bounced on his lucky old dick. Hilary looked over to where Hamish was sitting. He looked pathetic. Tears of anguish running down his face, he shamefully pounded his penis, his fat ball bag was bouncing around slapping against his thighs. The old man’s balls were bouncing also, slapping against Hamish’s girlfriend’s perfect backside.

Suddenly Hugo felt the good old fashioned tingling sensation deep inside his balls “unnnn uhu! ON THE FLOOR!!” He shouted leaping off Hilary. She again obeyed. Kneeling down on the floor in front of Hugo she looked up at him, ready to receive what was coming next. Hugo’s breaths became deeper and more laboured as he pumped his hard meat. until, suddenly… “Huh HUUUUUUUUH HUH! YYYYYEEEEEEAH!” He groaned firing jet after jet after jet of powerful white spunk into Hilary’s open mouth and into her hot young face. This was too much for poor Hamish also. His dick exploded, shooting powerful strings of semen over his belly and even behind his shoulder onto the expensive couch where he lay. “NOOOOOOOOO!! STOP< PLASE STOP!!” He wailed.