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See what I mean? I'm surprised I got a hold of ya the first time. Ya pet that damn dog, can't no one hurt ya. If I really tried to hurt ya, he'd tear my arm up if not bite it off. He ain't as fast as he used to be but no ones taken nothin from my truck since he sleeps in here. Only bad thing when he's sound asleep he's a bit hard a hearing. Now why don't cha crawl on back there in the sleeper, change into your nightie if you want and get some shuteye. Ol'Jack will keep ya safe."

Sammi contemplated the idea for a couple minutes but the idea of changing clothes, she was wearing the same clothes she was wearing when she boarded the first bus over three days ago, sounded really good as well as stretching out to sleep rather then just slumped down in the front seat. She looked at the dog that had been riding next to her almost the entire time she was in the truck. She looked down at him and quietly asked him what he thought. Ol'Jack just looked in her eyes like he understood.

Just to make sure she asked, "Are you sure it's okay?"

Of course. Otherwise I wouldn't have suggested it" Joseph answered.

Sammi thought about for another minute, thinking about how Roger treated her, pretty sure there was no exit out of the back of cab of the truck. Once again she looked at Ol'Jack, "Okay thank you. I'd like to very much."