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Slightly jealous, Anna dropped to her knees next to Eva, and the two teens took turns orally pleasuring Nick. Little by little, their drooling mouths coated his cock with drool. They were sure not to neglect his balls with delicate flicks of their tongues.

With a string of spit dripping from her chin, Eva stood and wrapped her arms around Nick’s neck and pulled his face down to hers for a deep, passionate kiss. Their tongues flipped and rolled in each other’s mouth. He slid his hands down her sides, feeling her silky-smooth skin, and dropped them to her shapely ass, gripping it tightly in his hands. He could feel her large, dark brown nipples poking into his upper abs.

At the same time, Anna was really working her uncle’s cock with her mouth. Having not sucked it during their first encounter, she made up for the missed opportunity with gusto. Evidently deep-throating skill was an inherited trait, as, just like her mother, she managed to work his entire dick down her throat and licked at his freshly shaved balls.

Eva broke off their kiss and slid back down next to Anna. She was not to be outdone. She redirected Nick’s cock to her throat, taking it all down, and bounced her head back and forth.

He couldn’t manage to hold in his orgasm any longer. With one hand at the top of Eva’s head, he pushed her back, grabbed his cock with the other hand, and stroked it furiously. He groaned loudly as he shot 5 ropes of cum into Eva’s wide-open, tongue-flapping mouth.